How Long to Cook Tri Tip in Oven at 375?

Tri-Tip steak is the tender and flavorsome cut of beef extracted from the bottom sirloin. Cooking the steak in the oven is a low-maintenance job as it involves only two easy steps, and you get a perfectly roasted or cooked cut of beef that is tender and moist. Tri-tip is juicy on the inside and perfectly seared on the outside. If you are a novice chef, you may wonder… how long to cook tri-tip in the oven at 375.

How Long to Cook Tri Tip in Oven at 375? If you have time and want a perfectly cooked tri-tip, then marinate the cut for 8+ hours. Place the tri-tip cut on the roasting pan. Cook it for 20-30 minutes in the oven at 375. Minimize the heat to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and continue cooking the tri-tip until the meat’s internal temperature reaches the required doneness, 160 for medium. 

Many more things are involved in the cooking process, which you must know before cooking tri-tip in the oven at 375. Continue reading the post for in-depth information. 

How Long to Cook Tri-Tip in Oven at 375?   

Depending on the cut size, tri-Tip steak usually takes less than 20-30 minutes to cook perfectly. Many people don’t like cooking Tri-Tip at home because they think it takes too long to roast or cook. It is true when you are cooking thicker pieces of Tri-Tip, but cooking time is less for those pieces that are half inches in thickness or less.

How long to cook Tri-Tip at 375 depends on how well you want your meat and the doneness levels. It is enough to cook the Tri-Tip for 15 minutes per pound in the preheated oven at 375-400 degrees Fahrenheit for medium-rare cooking. You need to cook them for 18-20 minutes per pound for high well-done Tri-Tip at 375.

The cooking time of Tri-Tip in the home oven at 375 usually takes 15-30 minutes, depending upon the thickness of the beef. If you need rare cuts, you need to boil them for 5-8 minutes per side. If you want the medium well-done Tri-Tip, it is enough to cook for 12-15 minutes per side.

In between cooking, you can season the beef with pan drippings as it helps enhance the flavor. You may also season it with barbeque sauce in the last five minutes of cooking. You may cook the Tri-Tip in the oven without marinade or sauces and add them when it is done. 

What is the Best Cooking Temperature for Tri-Tip in the Oven?

Many people make the common mistake of not finishing the Tri Tip-off when cooking it. Cooking the beef Tri-Tip at a high temperature ensures that you achieve the golden brown surface with all flavors and moisture intact.     

The oven temperature for roasting the Tri-Tip is between 130 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit. However, when you want to cook the Tri-Tip tender and get the juicy flavor, you must increase the oven temperature between 375 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Before cooking the Tri-Tip in the oven, preheat the oven to 375 and wait until it reaches the required temperature for cooking. It is good to wrap the Tri-Tip with aluminum foil and cook it in a roasting pan. If you want, you may add marinade sauce or olive oil to the surface of Tri-Tip before cooking it in the oven.

How to Tell When the Tri-Tip is Done?

Most of the beef Tri-Tip recipes call for medium-to-rare. The thermometer is the best tool that can help you know the inside temperature of the meat and let you know when to take it out of the oven without getting it overcooked. 

If you don’t have a cooking thermometer to check the inside temperature, the best way to check the doneness of the beef Tri-Tip is by using touch methods. You may touch the Tri-Tip and check if it is done. Since the meat fibers are not very tough in the Tri-Tip, you may touch and easily know the doneness level.

Another way to tell when your Tri-Tip is done is by checking the texture and surface of the meat. If you see the surface has turned brown with crispy edges, the Tri-Tip is ready to serve. 

Remember, the temperature increases for up to five minutes after being removed from the oven. Take the Tri-Tip out of the oven for medium-rare doneness when it reaches 135 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t have the thermometer, you use the above tips to know when your Tri-Tip is done. 

Can You Cook Frozen Tri-Tip?

You can cook frozen Tri-Tip, but it is not recommended because the extra moisture spoils the texture of Tri-Tip. So, you must thaw the meat overnight in a refrigerator before cooking. It is best to cook freshly cut Tri-Tip to achieve the desired taste and results. Frozen Tri-Tip takes a long time to cook, and it may ruin the meat as it is prone to overcooking. 

Can You Cover the Tri-Tip in the Oven?

Grate and cover the Tri-Tip to the desired degree of doneness. For one and a half to two pounds of Tri-Tip, you have to grate for 35-40 minutes for Medium-Rare at 135 degrees Fahrenheit and 40-45 minutes for Medium at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. After it is done, remove it from the griller, wrap it with aluminum foil, and let it sit for another 12-15 minutes. 

Can You Cook Tri-Tip in Aluminum Foil?

Tri-Tip is boneless; tender meat is cut into steak. You can achieve the best results with slow cooking at medium to low temperatures, allowing the temperature to melt the connective tissues to make them perfectly tender gradually. Cooking it in aluminum foil ensures that the meat’s natural juiciness and moisture are trapped. 

How Long to Cook Tri Tip in Oven at 375 Conclusion

Hopefully, you know how long to cook tri-tip in the oven at 375. It depends on the doneness level you want to achieve. If you prefer to serve it raw, cook it for 1-2 hours per half-inch thickness. Cook for 5-7 minutes per side at 400 for medium-rare and cook 12-15 minutes per side at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for medium, well-done Tri-Tip.

Next, when you bring home a tri-tip for cooking in a home oven, use the above tips to get a perfectly cooked and tender tri-tip for serving. 

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