How Long Does Salmon Last In the Fridge?

In today’s perfect world, we need ideal serving for every occasion. Salmon is one of the finest kinds of seafood that is observed in most gatherings. The exquisite taste of salmon makes it one of the finest delicacies served at parties. However, if you have brought it to your home and plan to store it, you might have a question. 

How long does salmon last in the fridge? The answer is that it depends on the freshness and quality of salmon. Generally, when you buy raw salmon from the market, you can store it for 1 to 3 days after purchase. However, you have to follow the best practices if you want to preserve them for a longer time. 

A lot of it depends on the way you are preparing. As said by a famous chef, you have to prepare the salmon similarly as you prepare it before cooking. You must season your salmon using salt to extend its shelf life of salmon. By this, you are also increasing its flavor and making it apt for the evening party. 

So, here we will find out more about storing salmon. Without any further ado, let us dig into it. 

How Long Will Frozen Salmon Last in the Freezer? 

When you are storing salmon in the freezer, you can get a long time. When you keep these frozen salmon in the freezer, it can last for 9 to 12 months. It is even possible to keep the salmon longer than that. However, after 12 months, you might notice a decline in its quality. 

If you wish to get the best taste, keep the salmon at 0 degrees. It will help to retain the original taste and texture of salmon. However, ensure that you are storing it after proper rinsing, drying, and storing it in a vacuum-sealed bag 

How Long Does Cooked Salmon Last In the Fridge? 

Compared to raw salmon, cooked salmon has slightly more shelf life. When you keep cooked salmon in the fridge, it is safe to consume for 3days from the day it was prepared. In fact, when you cook fresh salmon, it will last even longer than cooking frozen salmon. 

However, it is not recommended to store salmon for 3 days if you buy from a restaurant. The only reason behind saying this is you are not aware of the quality of salmon they are using. It is perfectly fine with fresh salmon, but it could deteriorate your health if they were using refrigerated salmon. 

Why Should You Buy Fresh Salmon? 

You should always pay attention to buying fresh salmon when you have a plan to cook an exquisite dish. Thus, you must keep in your list that you have to look for high-quality fresh salmon to ensure better shelf life and taste. 

It can be tricky if this is the first time you are out buying fresh salmon fillets. All you need is to find the bright orange and red salmon. Look for fine marbling on it. When you touch it, the fillet should be firm. It is better to pass if you observe dry or chalkiness or any other signs of cracks.

Fresh and raw salmon is very easy to pick from the supermarket. Its color will immediately attract you, and firmness is a parameter. They have a very mild smell, but the look is lovely, making it very easy to understand. You must not entertain any dryness in the salmon. Remember, when you buy fresh salmon, you can store it longer and prepare a savory dish. 

How To Understand That You is Salmon Is Spoiled? 

The simplest way to understand is by using your smelling sense. No wonder the fishy smell will be there, but salmon does not have a strong odor. When you start getting a foul smell from salmon, it is time to throw it in your bin. A soured smell is one of the prime indicators that would make it very clear to you. 

You can also understand that salmon is not good by checking it. You can find the sticky residue on its outside, especially on the gills. Generally, when salmon is fresh, they are very shiny and attractive to the eyes. So if you find even the slightest bit of slimy residue or molds, it is not good anymore. The pink color, when it gets discolored or looks dry, means you should throw it. 

Besides these, pressing the salmon with your fingers is another good way. If you find marks of your fingers on the fish, it means it has spoiled. 

Never eat spoiled salmon just because it costs you huge. Rotten salmon means it contains bacteria and molds, which can result in causing different illnesses. 

So, the best way to ensure its freshness and taste is to buy fresh and store properly, as mentioned earlier. Do not keep it open but wrap it and store it at 0 degrees to prevent damage to the salmon. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I keep fresh salmon without refrigeration? 

No! Fresh salmon will not last long if you don’t refrigerate it. You will find the salmon getting bad after two hours itself. 

What is the right way of freezing salmon? 

It is not rocket science! All you have to do is rinse it, dry it, wrap it, and store it in an airtight container or vacuum-sealed bag. It can stay for months. 

How long does smoked salmon last? 

Smoked salmon will last for six months or more without having any changes in the quality. If you have opened the package, make sure you wrap it properly before storing it. 

How Long Does Salmon Last In The Fridge Summary

Salmon is one of the prime delicacies served on several occasions. However, like any other fish, it starts losing its color and taste if not stored properly. Thus, you need to learn more about how long does salmon last in the fridge and the way to store it. Storing it right will offer an amazing flavor to your dish. 

Hopefully, it will now become easy for you to store it right from the mentioned guidance. Remember that salmon is a fantastic dish when stored correctly- as unless the quality is retained, you cannot bet on the chef’s magic.

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