Best Anchovy Paste Substitute? Here Are 8!

Anchovy Paste Substitute

Be it your Caesar salad, lip-smacking pizza, soup, or any dressing, anchovy paste is often looked up to as a taste enhancer. Made from cured anchovies, the pungent fishy anchovy paste is very salty and has got a soft texture.  It’s available in both tubes and cans at all supermarkets and general grocery stores. If … Read more

Substitute For Rice Wine (7 AMAZING Tip)

Substitute for Rice Wine

Chinese cooking is not complete with the must-have ingredient, Rice Wine. It is the 2nd most important ingredient in Chinese cooking after Soy Sauce. The ingredient can be used in different Asian cuisines because of its rich taste, and it goes well with other ingredients. The off-white wine is sweet, and they are less alcoholic. … Read more

Substitute for Capers (8 Handy and Delicious Ways)

Substitute for Capers

Capers are known for their unique flavor, which is hard to replicate. The ingredient offers tangy, salty flavors to your meals. So, you find yourself in a challenging situation when your recipe calls for capers, and you don’t have the stock in your fridge. Don’t panic, as there are a couple of options that you … Read more

Substitute for Whole Milk (5 Great Tips)

Substitute for Whole Milk

Whole milk is the high-fat and high-calorie ingredient used in many recipes to add texture and taste. It is used because it comes with multiple nutrients and Omega-3 fatty acids that keep you fuller for long hours. Whole milk is not a suitable choice for people on the diet, vegans, and lactose-intolerant people. But, they … Read more