Substitute For Rice Wine (7 AMAZING Tip)

Chinese cooking is not complete with the must-have ingredient, Rice Wine. It is the 2nd most important ingredient in Chinese cooking after Soy Sauce.

The ingredient can be used in different Asian cuisines because of its rich taste, and it goes well with other ingredients. The off-white wine is sweet, and they are less alcoholic.

Because of these characteristics, many people are confused about what can substitute for rice wine. So, let us find out the best Substitute for Rice Wine.

The best substitute for rice wine is gin or white wine. But, there are also other alternatives that you can use in your cooking in place of rice wine. Some people use grape juice or apple juice paired with a small amount of rice vinegar as an alternative to rice wine, especially during stir-fry marinades. 

If you find the best substitute for rice wine, here is a list of top alternatives for rice wine lovers. 

What are the Substitutes for Rice Wine?

The below-mentioned substitutes to rice wine would offer you a special and unique taste even when you don’t have rice wine on hand. You may have to adjust the remaining seasonings if you want to achieve the sweetness of the wine in your dishes. But it depends greatly on your personal preferences. 

Here is the list of substitutes for rice wine.

1. White Wine

The best substitute for rice wine is white wine, and it offers the same rich taste in all aspects. It shares the same color and flavor in the dishes, and you have to use it in the same ratio. 

But, white wine is stronger in alcohol content, and it is not very sweet like rice wine. However, you can add honey, sugar, or sweeteners to achieve the flavor to balance these aspects. You may use white wine instead of rice wine in meaty dishes or sauces.

2. Gin

All versions of gin are a great alternative to rice wine. It shares the same flavor and taste, and the color is also the same. So, your dish will get identical even when you have used gin in place of rice wine. 

You must use gin in the same ratio in dishes and adjust the seasonings for similar flavor and taste. Gin is a great alternative to rice wine, especially when used in sauces and dressings. 

3. Dry Sherry

Dry sherry gives the dishes a unique flavor and tastes like rice wine. It tastes great when used with cooked or cold meals. It is not very sweet, so you have to add sugar or sweetener to achieve the sugar taste like rice wine. 

But, it doesn’t mean that you have to use sweet sherry as they are sweeter than a rice wine. You have to use the same amount of dry sherry to achieve the taste of rice wine. 

4. Apple Juice

Apple juice is a great alternative to different types of wines, including rice wine. It has a sweet and acidic taste that enables the meals to achieve a rich flavor like rice wine. Apple juices are great for salad dressing, vegetables, and stir-frying recipes. Apple juices can be used in the same ratio as rice wine. 

Unfortunately, you can’t achieve the same flavor because it is not as sweet as rice wine, and it is rich in the fruity taste that is lacking in rice wine.

5. White Vinegar

White vinegar shares a similar color as rice wine, and it acts as a great alternative to rice wine. The vinegar is more acidic than rice wine, and hence you have to use a small amount of white vinegar to reduce the acidic effect. 

White vinegar is not sweet, and hence you have to add sweetener to balance the flavor. Use a small amount of white vinegar in your dishes or increase the amount as per your preference or taste. It is a great choice in marinates or stews, salads, and stir-fries. 

6. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice offers acidity to meals like rice wine. But it is not as sweet as rice wine. So, use the lemon juice carefully if you don’t want your dish to taste tangy. The tangy flavor can be balanced with the use of sugar and honey. You have to use half an amount of lemon juice for each cup of rice wine.

7. Grape Juice 

White grape juice can also be a great alternative to rice wine. To achieve the tasty flavor, you have to use the same ratio of white grape juice as rice wine. Grape juice offers a sweet and fruity flavor and has a slight acidity. 

Grape juices can be used for marinates and stews and are also a great choice for fish and chicken dishes. 

What is the Best Substitute for Chinese Rice Wine?

Gin or white wine is the best alternative to Chinese rice wine. You can use them for different dishes as they share the same flavor and color as rice wine. However, you must adjust the seasonings or add honey and sugar to achieve the sweet flavor. 

Is Rice Wine the Same as Rice Wine Vinegar?

Many people think rice wine vinegar is the same as rice wine. But, they are different, and hence using rice wine vinegar in place of rice wine is not suggested. Rice wine is prepared with fermented rice, and rice wine vinegar is prepared from fermented rice starches. Besides, the acidity level is much higher in rice vinegar. So, it will change the taste of the meal if you replace it with rice wine. 

Is Apple Cider Vinegar the Best Alternative to Rice Wine?

Both rice wine and apple cider vinegar are tart condiments, but they share subtle sweetness. So, you can use apple cider vinegar in place of rice wine. But the apple cider vinegar will have a fruity apple flavor, and hence you have to adjust the seasoning to achieve the same taste as rice wine. 


Rice wine, be it sake, mirin, or huangjiu, can add a tasty flavor to any Asian dish. It can also be used in different cuisines for rich flavor. When you don’t have a bottle of rice wine on hand, use these substitutes for rice wine to achieve the same taste and flavor. But, ensure to adjust the seasonings accordingly to achieve the same flavor and balance the taste. 

As long as you closely pay attention to the seasonings of the meals, you will end with a delicious taste and flavor like rice wine, even when you don’t have the rice wine on your hands.   

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