Can You Freeze Cake Batter?

Are you planning a surprise party this weekend? Whether it is a birthday or anniversary, cakes are probably one of the most common things. No celebration is complete without a cake. But are you planning to prepare the cake at home? If yes, that is probably the most beautiful gift. However, as we all know, making the batter is probably the most challenging task. 

Can you freeze cake batter? Then the answer is yes, you can. You will find it great to find that cake batter can be frozen for 3 long months. You usually have to prepare the batter. However, it would be best to keep it in portions to ensure its longevity. It is mainly advised to remove air as much as it is possible. 

Undoubtedly, keeping the batter prepared a day before saves a lot of time on a particular day. So in this article, we will find out more in detail about the storage of cake batter and the best ways to do it. Without any further talking, let us find out in detail about it. 

Can You Freeze Cake Batter? 

Freezing cake batter is possible and a relatively easy process. The chances are that your cake might not be the way it would be when you have baked it immediately. However, the differences should be unnoticeable. You should know that the most common difference is in its texture and rise.  

Frozen cake batter might face the only problem in its rise. This can be more found when you use baking soda and not baking powder. Since baking soda starts reacting when liquid is added to its dry ingredients, freezing it later and before baking can reduce the rise. The taste will be similarly excellent, and the difference is that it makes the cake denser and shorter. 

You should always keep in mind that you must not over mix the cake batter. This is crucial whenever you bake a cake. Additionally, it is critical to bear in mind when you want to freeze batter. 

Can You Freeze Batter with an Egg? 

If you want to make a cake without an egg, you can store it pretty quickly. Even if you wish to prepare it with eggs in it, you can freeze the batter. Even when eggs might not hold perfectly while freezing, they become safe to freeze when you start blending. It will not have any significant impact on the baked cakes. 

You can, as usual, make the batter with egg a day before or more and then use it later. However, while preparing the cake, make sure you give it another proper mix before you start baking. 

How to Freeze Cake Batter? 

Freezing a cake is not a challenge. However, the challenge might lie in freezing the batter. You can find a range of ways to accomplish your task based on how long you have the plan to freeze the batter. Additionally, it also depends on the way you want to bake it. So here we will find out how you can freeze the cake batter. 

Method 1: Freeze in the Pan: If you have the plan to freeze the cake batter for a short time, you can find it very easy to prepare. You can use the baking pan where you can pour the batter to freeze it. This is how you can make it ready to bake without facing any further mess. 

You can choose disposable aluminum baking pans as they do not have the risk of cracking or breaking. These pans can expand when needed and will not need you to find other pans once it is frozen. One of the major problems with freezing cake batter is larger portions will take much longer to freeze. This, again, is a matter of stress. The longer the batter takes to freeze, will deteriorate the cake quality. 

Simple steps to freeze cake batter in a pan: 

  1. Grease the pan before you bake it as you usually do. 
  2. Pour the cake batter. 
  3. Use a plastic wrap layer on the cake batter surface to protect it from exposure to air. Then you can use aluminum foil to cover the pan properly. 
  4. Now you have to place the pan on the baking tray and freeze it for over 3 to 4 hours. The duration is generally recommended to ensure it’s solid. 

Make sure that you are placing something sturdy and top on top. It will prevent squishing. 

Method 2: Freezer Bags: You can use the freezer bags if you don’t have a quality pan to put inside the freezer. Airtight sealable bags can become an excellent choice to withstand freezing. In order to do it, you simply have to transfer the batter into a safe airtight bag. When the bag is sealed, you have to lay it flat on the counter to spread the batter. 

This is generally recommended as it fills the space and lays flat on the surface. It means no air bubbles inside it. Before you finally put them into the freezer, make sure you have completely sealed them. 

Method 3: Mini Cakes or Cupcakes: You can also freeze them by pre-portioned. Using the batter as mini cakes in pans, you can freeze them. This will ensure thawing quickly and retaining the quality. Such a process can ensure a better rise. 

Make sure you are greasing the pan or using butter paper. Once done, you can put the prepared batter and freeze them by covering them correctly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you freeze cakes? 

Yes, you can. Freezing all types of cakes is possible until the recipe recommends you not to do so. You have to make sure that the container is appropriately wrapped and protected. This will prevent it from being frozen solid. For best results, thaw and eat within 3 months. 

Can you freeze the cake mix? 

You can easily keep the dry cake mix. However, make sure that the ingredients last in good quality. In case you have a cake mix box, consider leaving it sealed until you are ready to use it. 

Can you freeze muffin batter?

Yes, you definitely can. Muffins have denser quality compared to cupcakes. Muffins don’t need high rise, and thus, they freeze well. You will not be able to notice any difference. 


So now that you have acquired some knowledge about it, can you freeze cake batter? Hopefully, you will not find it challenging. Since different methods are available, you can choose one according to your needs and requirements.

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