Can You Freeze Green Onions? Here’s the Answer You Need

Green onions go well with a wide range of food items. You can add them in soups, combine them with salads, or toss the slices over a pizza. The problem is that the green onions can only stay fresh for three to four days in the open. As time goes on, the leaves become darker and floppy. To prevent spoilage and food waste, most people think of freezing them.

But is it safe? Can you freeze green onions? Yes, you can safely freeze green onions in the freezer for 3-4 months. Freezing will cease all molecular activity in the green onion and extend its shelf life. Later, you can thaw and use the greens in soups, curries, or salads.

But freezing green onions requires some planning, which includes pre-freezing. Moreover, if you don’t store them properly in the fridge, you may end up spoiling the veggies. Learn how to store spring onions safely and use them once thawed.

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How to store green onions in the refrigerator?

First, you need to understand that not all vegetables are created equal. So the refrigeration process differs from veggies to veggies. Spring onion is a vegetable, while onion and shallots are bulbs. So you can’t freeze spring onions like regular onions.

Here’s the proper technique that even the pros follow:

  • First, split the bunch. Green onions are sold in the supermarkets bunched together with a rubber band. It’s not ideal to store them in this manner. So take out the rubber band and separate the green onions. Then, place them on a cutting board and remove the roots at the bottom using a knife. Now, cut them in half so they can fit into the refrigerator.
  • Then, wash and dry the onions. In most cases, green onions do not come pre-washed. So before storing them in the fridge, rinse them with tap water. Also, treat with a nontoxic veggie spray. To dry the onions and remove moisture and pat them with paper towels. Excess moisture may damage the green onions and create a hotbed for bacterial growth.
  • Cover the scallions with paper towels. Discard the damped paper towels and use new ones to cover the green onions. Make sure to cover the sliced area and the white part. This limits air exposure, which can develop rancid oxidative flavors.
  • Place in the refrigerator. Finally, place the wrapped green onions in a storage container and transfer them into the refrigerator. If possible, you should place them in the crisper drawer. Since the spring onions are delicate, avoid placing any item on top of them.

Maintain a temperature between 0°C to 4°C to keep the green onions fresh in the refrigerator for up to two months. But the extended life depends on how fresh the green onions were at the supermarket. Therefore, make sure to pick the best onions, which are bright green, and have tubular leaves and firm stems. Avoid buying green onions with dark green shade and floppy leaves.

How to store green onions in the freezer?

If you want to freeze the green onions, you have to store them in the freezer. Freezing green onions completely stops the chemical activities at a molecular level. Even the enzymes, which are responsible for the loss of color, flavor, and nutrients, get inactive.

Moreover, freezing green onions doesn’t change the texture as much as other vegetables. Once frozen, the water inside the veggies expands and forms ice crystals. This ruptures the cell walls and causes the vegetable to get mushy. Since green onion isn’t a water-rich vegetable, the texture doesn’t change much.

Here are the steps to store green onions in the freezer:

  • First, wash, clean, and dry the green onions. 
  • Instead of transferring them directly to the freezer, you’d have to pre-freeze them.
  • Slice and chop them. So take a knife and chop the white roots and green stems. Now, chop the remaining parts as you normally would. 
  • Place the chopped green onions on a clean baking pan. 
  • Transfer this pan into the freezer or the refrigerator tray for 30-40 minutes. This doesn’t freeze the onions but makes them frosty.
  • Take out the pan and transfer the frosty green onions into an air-tight container or a resealable plastic bag.
  • Place the container or bag into the freezer.

Pre-freezing the green onions is important because if you don’t, then they will clump together. You’d have to separate them every time you bring the pan out. Frosty onions are less likely to stick to each other.

Once frozen, take the container out and use the frozen green onions whenever you need. The veggies will stay fresh for up to two months from the date you placed them in the jar. This is a great way to preserve them for months and avoid food waste.

Do you need to blanch green onions before freezing?

Green onions do not require blanching before freezing. Blanching is the process of removing excess water from vegetables by applying steam. But since green onions are relatively low on water content, they do not need to be blanched. Simply chop and freeze the green onions in an air-tight container.

How to use frozen green onions?

Freezing will slightly change the texture of green onions. For best results, you need to thaw the green onions in either the refrigerator, outside the freezer, or at room temperature.

Frozen green onions are best used in slow cooker meals or stir-fry recipes. Sautee them properly in oil before using. Avoid using them as garnishes and opt for fresh ones, if available.


Can you freeze whole green onions?

Freezing whole green onions is not recommended. Always chop the onions and pre-freeze them before storing in the freezer.

How long will frozen green onions last?

The frozen green onions can last for about two months if properly stored.

Can you freeze green onions in plastic bottles?

Yes. You can use plastic bottles in place of air-tight containers for storing frosty green onions.

Can You Freeze Green Onions Summary

Storing green onions in the refrigerator isn’t rocket science. But the proper technique is important, especially the pre-freezing step. By freezing the onions, you can store them for up to two months and use them in certain amounts intermittently. Last but not least, check the quality of onions before and after storing. If you notice darker leaf stems, it has probably gone bad.

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