Can You Freeze Macaroons?

Macaroons are very challenging to make at home. So, it is a smart move to make them ahead of the festive season and finish them when needed. But, macaroons are perishable. So, you can’t leave them on the kitchen top until you use them next. So, after making a couple of macaroons ahead of time, you may wonder, Can You Freeze Macaroons?

Can You Freeze Macaroons? Yes, Macaroons freeze well, and you can freeze them for one month. Freezing is the best way to sustain its quality and taste until you use them next. However, freezer burn is typical. So, you must ensure to wrap it with Clingfilm before freezing. 

These are the basics of freezing macaroons. However, there is more that you have to know before freezing and thawing them. Continue reading the guide below to understand freezing and thawing macaroons and the signs of spoilage. 

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How to Freeze Macaroons?

Macaroons freeze well. Freezing is a great way to preserve both stuffed macaroons and unfilled ones. People prefer freezing unfilled macaroons as it allows them to add the final appetizing touches on the day they need them. 

Macaroons shells are delicate. You must ensure freezing them carefully to avoid getting the shells crushed. So, follow the helpful tips below to freeze them safely without damaging the shells. 

  • Grab an airtight container or freezer-friendly bag. The airtight container is best because it keeps the shells intact in the freezer. The freezer bag may cause damage to the shells. 
  • Allow the cooked macaroons to cool down before putting them into the freezer.
  • Once they are cooled, transfer them into the container. Ensure to leave small squares of parchment between the shells to prevent them from sticking. 
  • Seal the container and label them with a date.
  • Put the container into the freezer and allow them to freeze safely. 

How Long Can You Freeze Macaroons For?

Frozen Macaroons sustain their peak quality and taste for up to one month. So, you have to ensure that you finish them within one month of freezing. After 30 days, the macaroons start losing their delicate flavors and tastes. The texture starts to degrade as well, something you will not want. 

Besides, the macaroons may also experience freezer burns if it is frozen for more than 30 days. It will ruin the delicious taste and flavors and makes the texture fluffy. 

Macaroons can be frozen for up to three months. But it is advisable to consume it within one month. It is because, after 30 days, the taste and texture start to degrade. 

How to Thaw Frozen Macaroons Safely?

Frozen Macaroons can be thawed quickly. But, you have to dedicate a couple of hours to defrost them safely. All you have to do is take the Macaroons out of the freezer ahead of time and put them into a fridge for a couple of hours. Ensure that you refrigerate it in the same container you used for freezing. 

For safe thawing results, it is advisable to put the frozen Macaroons in a fridge and leave it overnight. Same thawing methods are helpful for both filled and unfilled Macaroons. 

How to Know If Macaroons Have Gone Bad?

Macaroons have a shorter shelf life, and hence they may go rancid more quickly than expected. Even frozen, it may last only for three months, but the taste and texture may change. 

A couple of signs will help you know when your Macaroons have gone bad and are no longer edible. 

  • When you see air bubbles in the frozen Macaroons, they are no longer edible. The cookie’s shells will start separating, and you will see gaps between the shells and cookies. It is a clear indication that the cookies have gone bad.
  • The color of the shells starts changing when Macaroons start to spoil. So, if you see any color changes in the cookies or their shells, discard them immediately. 
  • Egg white is an ingredient used in making Macaroons. It is mostly moisture, and when you freeze them for a long time, it turns watery at the bottom. So, when you see a watery substance at the bottom of the container, the Macaroons are no longer edible. 
  • The rancid frozen Macaroons release a sour and bad smell, which means they have gone bad. 


Can You Freeze Macaroon Batter?

Freezing Macaroon batter is not safe, and it is not suggested. If you freeze the batter, you may ruin all the efforts you put into preparing the batter. Frozen Macaroon batter won’t deliver you quality end products. You may end up with flat macrons when you bake using the frozen batter. Instead, it is advisable to bake the cookies before putting them into the freezer.

Can You Freeze Laduree Macaroons?

Laduree Macaroons are the favorite choice for many people. But, it is not safe to freeze them. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t freeze them. You can freeze the Laduree Macaroons, but the texture and delicious taste change with time. 

Can You Freeze Coconut Macaroons?

Yes, you can freeze the Macaroons baked with coconut stuffing. But, you have to freeze them carefully because they are prone to freezer burn. Moreover, you must not freeze the coconut Macaroons for more than seven days. It must be stored in an airtight container to prevent freezer burns.

Can You Freeze Almond Macaroons?

Yes, you can freeze Macaroons made with almond flour. But, it must be frozen carefully in an airtight container that is appropriately sealed to prevent moisture leakage. 

Can You Freeze Macaroons Summary

Hopefully, your question Can You Freeze Macaroons have been answered. Macaroons freeze well, and you can sustain their peak quality and taste for up to one month. The Macaroons can last for up to three months with proper storage conditions. But, there is a chance of losing its texture and taste after 30 days. 

Ensure to freeze the filled and unfilled Macaroons in an airtight container to avoid moisture leakage and freezer burn. Don’t forget to check the spoilage signs before consuming the frozen Macaroons.

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