Can You Freeze Marshmallows?

It takes a long time (4-6 hours) to cook marshmallows. That makes it not so practical to cook it fresh every time you want to taste some. The best solution would be cooking a large quantity in a single burst of work and freezing the extra.

Can You Freeze Marshmallows? Yes, you can freeze marshmallows. Use an airtight container or a freezer bag for the purpose. Make sure that you put the date of freezing on the pack before freezing it. This will allow you to consume it before the six months mark.

Stay with me as I will reveal the right way of freezing marshmallows and eating them safely. The details make all the difference. Let’s get started:

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How to Freeze Marshmallows

By freezing marshmallows right, you will increase their shelf life and preserve the taste. What is the right process? Glad you asked. Here you are:

  1. Cut the large brick of marshmallow into several pieces.
  2. Put the pieces into one or several airtight containers. If a container is not handy, vacuum bags or freezing bags work fine too.
  3. You may pour as many pieces of marshmallows as you want into one container. Marshmallows are coated with icing sugar that prevents the pieces from getting tacky and sticking to each other.
  4. Optionally, you may wrap the marshmallows with aluminum foil before freezing them. This practice will add a good extra month to the life of marshmallows.
  5. Do not forget to label the freezing container with the current date. It will help you know when the frozen candies will expire.

There is an added benefit of freezing marshmallows in several small packs instead of one. You will not have to defrost them all when you want to snack on a few pieces. Thawing all and refreezing is not something I recommend to my readers.

How Long Can You Freeze Marshmallows For

The shelf life of marshmallows in an airtight container at room temperature is 2-3 months. But, it may go bad earlier if exposed to air and direct sunlight.

Freezing marshmallows is the way to lengthen the period you can enjoy them for. If frozen correctly (as taught in this article), you can preserve marshmallows for six months.

Frozen marshmallows are good to consume even past the mark of six months. To remain cautious, I do not recommend my readers freeze them for more than six months.

How to Thaw Marshmallows Safely

Frozen marshmallows are not some stubborn candies to thaw.

You can defrost the frozen marshmallows by leaving them out of the freezer on a plate at room temperature. Large pieces of frozen marshmallows will take up to half an hour to defrost. In contrast, smaller pieces will be ready to consume within ten minutes.

If you do not have time to or can not hold until marshmallows defrost, you can eat them frozen too. They will taste equally good.

This is the least recommended method, but you can use your microwave on a low setting to defrost marshmallows if you are in a hurry.

How Do Frozen Marshmallows Taste

The greatest perk about freezing marshmallows is no loss of taste during the process. Frozen marshmallows do not lose their taste even during the later months of their freezing period.

Icy on the cake, as soon as you thaw the frozen marshmallows, they quickly regain their sweet taste, mesmerizing aroma, and bouncy texture.

As mentioned before in this article, if you do not have the time to thaw marshmallows, you can consume them frozen, and they will taste equally good. The only thing you will miss out on will be the bouncy and spongy feel of the candy.

How to Know if Marshmallows Has Gone Bad

Frozen marshmallows have a long lifespan, up to six months. But, I recommend you do a quick sense check before consuming it.

A good visual check of the marshmallows will reveal many things about them. If you find the coating layer is compromised or the candies appear soggy & sticky, they are not worth consuming.

If all looks good visually, take a sniff and lick a corner to know if the aroma and taste are strong. If all boxes check, go ahead and enjoy your treat.

If the tests cause any doubt, you better reject the idea of eating your frozen marshmallows. Start over with freshly cooked marshmallows.


Can You Freeze Homemade Marshmallows?

Yes, you can freeze homemade marshmallows. This entire guide is written around how to do it right.

There are two most important things to be mindful of while freezing homemade marshmallows. First, freeze them as soon as they get cold without letting them out in the open for a day or two. Second, do not freeze them for more than six months.

Can You Freeze Store-Bought Marshmallows?

Yes, you can freeze the store-bought marshmallows the same way you would freeze homemade marshmallows. But, I am afraid you will not be able to store it for six months.

Take a note of the date of manufacturing printed on the pack. Now, count the six-month freezing period starting from the manufacturing date.

Can You Freeze Chocolate Covered Marshmallows?

Yes, you can freeze chocolate-dipped marshmallows. Do it the same way you would freeze regular ones. But, chocolate is not so suitable to freeze for more than three months. So, consume them within that period.

Can You Freeze Marshmallow Fluff

Marshmallow and marshmallow fluff are twin brothers but with personal distinctions. Unlike marshmallows, fluff is loaded with high sugar and egg content. This makes the fluff suitable to freeze but only for a short period, a couple of months at best.

Can You Freeze Marshmallows Summary

You just finished learning what the best way to freeze marshmallows is. You also learned how you could triple the lifespan of your freshly cooked marshmallows. It is time to act on the information.

Also, you can not be all about yourself. You must join me on the mission and help save the marshmallows of others too. You can do this by giving this guide a quick share. Thanks!

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