Can You Freeze Parmesan Cheese?

If you plan to use parmesan cheese at the upcoming party, you need to have an idea about storing it. Chances of leftovers after a home party are huge. Throwing food is not a solution unless you know it has gone bad. Thus, you should always plan on finding the proper storage techniques. When you use food properly and in the right portions, you can stay assured of not going bad. 

Can you freeze Parmesan Cheese? Yes, you can. Parmesan cheese can be stored and kept in the freezer in different forms. You can keep them shredded and in wedge form. Whole parmesan cheese does not need any additional strong technique. Shredded can be kept for over 6 months, and whole cheese can be stored for more than a year. 

Now that you have got a fair idea about the parmesan cheese, you might be looking forward to knowing if there are any downsides. Well, to make sure that you can retain the quality of cheese, you have to make sure about the storing techniques. So, in this article, we will try to cover everything to help you make the right decision. Without any further talking, let’s find out more about parmesan cheese. 

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Can you freeze grated parmesan cheese? 

It is perfectly fine to freeze shredded parmesan cheese. This is a popular technique that is very convenient to use and does not lose quality over time. Besides, if you are more about shredded parmesan cheese, you will also find bags of shredded cheese. 

Whenever you wish to use them, you can just open the bag, and it is ready to use. Shredded parmesan cheese is a ready-to-use product. All you need is to open the freeze, scoop the amount of shredded parmesan cheese, and store the bag back in the freezer. That’s all the work you have to do. 

Grated cheese has the ability to sit in the freezer for a couple of months. This makes it a perfect choice for cheese lovers. Even if you don’t use cheese often, this can be a great option. Lastly, both can be stored, whether it is a store-bought cheese or if you have shredded it at home. Both will offer excellent results. 

Can you freeze parmesan cheese blocks? 

Freezing blocks of parmesan cheese is entirely okay but not the right thing. The reason why is when you start freezing the blocks, you will find some changes. When you start defrosting the wedge, you can witness the slightest alterations in the texture. It starts losing its crumbliness. 

Even when the difference might not be huge, there are some differences. If you want to add crumbliness, you can use the frozen block cheese. It will offer some crumbliness to your food. Besides, some changes in the flavor might be bothering every parmesan cheese connoisseur. 

However, you must know that you store them properly. Only when the storage is proper can you expect the right flavors and texture. Blocks, when unused, can be stored for a year, but after using them, you have to be very mindful about their storage. 

How to Freeze Parmesan Cheese? 

You must know the pros and cons before you freeze parmesan cheese. It is primarily for the block from parmesan cheese. So, let us first talk about the way to freeze. 

Freezing parmesan cheese blocks 

  • Wrap parmesan cheese properly: You can use the freezer bag for short-term freezing. It is a good choice for a month. If you know that you will not use it anytime soon, use aluminum foil or a freezer wrap to wrap it properly. Once the cheese is wrapped correctly, you can place it in the bag. However, make sure that you have eradicated the air from the bag. 
  • Keep the parmesan cheese in the freezer: Once you have stored it properly, you can label the package with the date and name. 

It is the most straightforward technique as it takes only 30 seconds to complete this method. Make sure that you are placing it in the freezer ASAP. 

Freezing Grated parmesan cheese block 

  • Grate the cheese: You have first grate the cheese in whichever possible manner that you think works best. However, you can skip this process if you have bought shredded parmesan cheese. 
  • Take a cookie sheet and grate the cheese: Use a sheet that you need to place on the surface. It will reduce the stickiness of cheese on its surface. 
  • Pre-freeze your cheese: You can then use the sheet in the freezer directly and leave it until it freezes too solid. This will take somewhere between 2 to 4 hours. It can be a great thing to leave it in the freezer overnight. 
  • Stir the cheese: Take your cookie sheet out from the freezer. You would find the stickiness of cheese. If you want to fix it, you can just take a spatula and stir the entire thing. Your primary goal is to get rid of clumps to make it easy to scoop. It should not take much longer than 30 seconds of your time. 
  • Transfer into the freezer into an airtight container: Now that your cheese is fully prepared to be kept in the freezer, label it and keep it in the freezer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you refreeze parmesan cheese? 

It is mostly not advisable to refreeze parmesan cheese. Freezing for the second time might firm crystals and harm the texture. 

Does parmesan cheese freeze well? 

No cheese will freeze adequately. Since it is a dairy product, it will not freeze properly. Thus, you must avoid this step as much as it is possible. 

Does grated parmesan cheese freeze well? 

ven when not that good, grated parmesan cheese is good to be kept frozen. You can grate it adequately and keep it in an airtight container to free well. 

Can You Freeze Parmesan Cheese Summary

So now that you have got the answer, can you freeze Parmesan Cheese? Hopefully, you can organize a party. However, keep in mind to make portions for a better result. Hence, keep planning a party and enjoy your Parmesan Cheese dip. 

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