Can You Freeze Limes?

Limes are one of the most common fruits that are used every day. Whenever it comes to adding sourness to your table, lime is probably the first choice. Lime adds sourness in the sauces, flavor to cakes, and zing in cocktails. So, if you plan to bring quite a considerable amount of lime at home for the upcoming party, you can. 

But can you freeze limes? Yes, you definitely can. You can quickly freeze limes. The best part is you can keep the lime frozen for a year. You can freeze lime as juice, in slices, whole limes, or zest. You can enjoy storing the lime for over months if you need it. 

When it is a party, you have to keep a considerable amount in stock. It also increases the chance of leftovers. Therefore, you can save a more extensive inventory in your freezer when you know that storing lime is possible. However, you must understand that you require knowing the proper storage techniques to ensure quality over time. 

So, without much talking, let us find out in detail about the freezing limes. 

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How to Freeze Whole Limes? 

Limes are one of the easiest to freeze. You can freeze whole lime, but you have to make sure that you follow these instructions. 

  1. Put the limes in a bag: You need to take a zip lock bag or sealable container to place the limes. Make sure that you are not overfilling your bag. It might cause some limes to fuse and make it challenging to remove one lime at a time. 
  2. Seal the bag: When you close the bag, remove as much air as possible. You can efficiently perform this step by squeezing the air out from its bottom to top. You have to be moving strategically from bottom to top while sealing. 
  3. Label and freeze: Make sure to label the bag with appropriate content. It would be best if you never forgot to put the dates while placing them into your freezer—all you need to do is identify the bags in your freezer and leave them when you are done. 

Freezing whole limes are probably the easiest and best ways to use. You can easily use it for zest as you would not need to defrost. You need to grab the package from your freezer and start grating it. 

How to freeze lime slices? 

If you use limes for decorating drinks, you can choose wedges or slices. It is not something new as lime offers color to the preparation. 

When you are willing to keep them in a freezer, it is advisable not to make it more than one-quarter. Keep in mind that you do not make paper-thin as well. Overly thin slices, when defrosted, have the chance of turning or breaking. 

  1. Put them properly onto a Tray: You have to make the slices or wedges of limes and then put them onto the tray. Make sure that one of the peeled sides is facing down. It would reduce the chances of sticking with the tray. Even when there are the slightest chances of sticking and ripping, it will not lose much flesh. 
  2. Put them into the bag: Once the limes have frozen into solids, you need to take the slices or wedges from the tray and then put them into a bag. Make sure that you have an airtight plastic bag. Similarly, you have to squeeze the air out from the plastic bag as much as possible. 
  3. Final Freezing: After you have done everything, you need to put a label with the date and contents in the bag. Once you are done, you can place the bag in the freezer. 

How to freeze lime zest? 

Lime zest can be appropriately frozen in its way. You have to make lime grates before and then place them in an airtight bag for this process. 

Even when lack of moisture in the bag and zest might result in drying out quicker and losing the flavor, freezing the zest on its own is preferable. However, you have to consider using it within two months. 

However, you can quickly freeze whole lime and grate it later to zest when needed. Since zest is a good choice, it will start defrosting just instantly while you grate it. Therefore, you don’t have to defrost the lime prior. 

3 Effective Tips for Freezing Lime: 

Now that you know how to freeze limes check out these top three tips. These are highly recommended to you if you enjoy the best results. 

  • Directly zest from the freezer: You can take the whole lime from your freezer and then grate it. You can do it straight away. This grating act will help you to thaw instantly. It can be one of the best ways to preserve the zest for a more extended period. 
  • Use Ice Cubes To Freeze: You have the freedom to freeze the lime juice and also zest them in ice cubes. Make sure that you are mixing it with some other spices and herbs to offer flavor in the cubes. You can add this to a variety of dishes. If you are planning a Thai curry, remember that chili, ginger, garlic can be the best choice. 
  • Don’t Cut whole limes: It is advised to cut into slices or wedges beforehand rather than cutting later. Freeze whole lime but don’t cut them later. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is it possible to freeze limes? 

Thin slices and zest tend to lose their flavor in just two months. But if you are freezing correctly, it can stay for a long 12 months. 

Can you refreeze limes? 

It is firmly not recommended to refreeze limes. Refreezing will take its flavor away since it pulls moisture from the lime in different forms. Refreezing will leave it dry and bland. 

How to freeze limes for drinks? 

It is primarily recommended to freeze limes in slices using the aforementioned method. They can work the best with tonic and gin or just water. 

Can You Freeze Limes Summary

So now that you have the answer, can you freeze limes? Hopefully, it won’t restrict you from buying in bulk. Always make sure that you are packing it properly before freezing it. 

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