Can You Freeze Thai Basil?

Can you name the one thing that instantly lures you to a fresh hot bowl of soup? Oh yes, it is the aroma!

Can you freeze Thai basil? Yes! Thai basil can be frozen for up to six months. There are several ways to increase the shelf life of the same. 

There is no doubt that the unique smell of any dish essentially comes from the spices and herbs used in it. And while speaking of herbs, how can we miss Thai basil?

Some cooks and chefs have had this question for quite a long time about whether they can freeze the popular herb to use later. 

I am sure you cannot wait for more to know the storage methods. Let us know then. 

Hold tight!

Thai Basil: An Overview

Thai basil is one of the most used oriental herbs. The presence of this herb can be found in the wide culinary landscapes of Southeast Asia. The native place of this herb is still debated. On a general note, it found its homeland in the Orient.

Thai basil is somewhat spicier than the regular ones. These are said to be more stable in culinary usage than their common counterpart. Due to its spicy taste, it is occasionally called the Cinnamon Basil. 

The Genus name of the species originated from Greek. Essentially, the word means ‘to smell.’ This one is common for any plant of the mint family. Almost all of them have a significant aroma or smell. 

Since the plant is a tropical one, it only grows in warm weather where there is no chance of frost. The plant is usually 45 cm in height and has narrow, green shiny leaves. Along with a licorice hint, it has a spicy flavor that its sweet counterpart lacks. 

It is seen or spotted particularly to be used widely in Vietnamese dishes and in quite a lot of South Asian cuisines, generally 

Can You Freeze Thai basil? : Different ways of freezing

Thai basil can be grown in your kitchen garden like many other herbs. But when it is cold, you cannot expect them to grow. Hence, for winter, you must store some to use later. 

Now, freezing is considered one of the best ways to increase the shelf life of food ingredients, especially spices, herbs, and vegetables. Similarly, you can apply the method to Thai basil as well. 

There are plenty of freezing techniques following which you can easily store the herb.

  • The simplest way of all is the cookie tray method. To start, you must wash the leaves and spread them on a cookie tray. Now, you should put the tray straight into the freezer for 12 to 24 hours.  After that time, you should put the frozen leaves in a freezer bag and suck out as much air as possible. Then put the bag in the freezer, and you are good to go for several weeks. 
  • The paper towel method is also brilliant. After washing and drying the leaves, you should wrap them in a paper towel. Then taking a ziplock bag or a freezer bag, you should put the wrapped leaves in it and suck out as much air as possible. Freezing this way may keep your leaves appropriate for almost one month or so. 
  • You can simply put the washed and dried leaves in a ziplock bag or a freezer bag and keep them inside. Make sure to suck out the air in whatever technique you follow.
  • Another clever way is to freeze the leaves. You can chop the leaves. Disperse them evenly in an ice cube tray and fill each cube with water or broth. After freezing, keep them in the trays with a cover.

Can you freeze Thai basil pesto?

There is another famous addition to the world of Thai basil, namely, Thai basil pesto. This is kind of a condiment or sauce that makes your pasta more enjoyable and can accompany fish and chicken as well. 

Like people can store cucumbers as their pickled version, Thai basil can be frozen as basil pesto. It can last for three months if kept properly in the freezer. Give or take a couple of weeks to that, to be exact. 

And while speaking of storing, some people prefer a refrigerator to be a good way. However, pesto can be edible or fresh for a maximum of one week if kept in the fridge. 

To store in the freezer, you may wrap an ice cube tray, pour the pesto, and then keep it in the freezer for a couple of hours. Then take out the try and keep the cubes for use in the future. 


Can I dry or freeze Thai basil?

Freezing basil leaves is always an excellent option. If frozen properly, you can enjoy its aroma and flavor for months. Thai basil can even be frozen in oil and water to preserve its shelf life. And if you have the dried version, it is the best fresh Thai basil substitute. You can comfortably use that. 

What is the most ideal way to freeze basil leaves?

The best method is the cookie tray one. Simply spread washed and dried basil leaves, and then freeze them for at least half an hour. Then make use of an air-tight freezer bag and keep the bag in the freezer. 

How to freeze basil without turning it dark?

The best way to keep the color intact is to add a pinch of extra virgin olive oil while freezing. It keeps the color intact for as long as possible. 

Can You Freeze Thai Basil Summary

Thai basil is one of the most used herbs across countries. Not only does it add aroma to a dish, but it also makes it rich in nutrients. 

Thai basil has high antioxidants and can cure many diseases like fever, cold, and cough. Its aroma is used to relieve stress. This herb, rich in minerals and vitamins, is an excellent addition to your kitchen only if you know how to store it. 

Follow the techniques mentioned above to get the best results and enjoy the mouthwatering flavor of Thai basil. We hope you enjoyed reading our article. 

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