How Long do Garbanzo Beans Last in the Fridge?

If you are a great fan of chickpeas, aka Garbanzo Beans, you probably know the hassles of hydrating the beans before cooking. Because of these hassles, many people prefer hydrating them in large batches and storing the excess for later meals. So, it is obvious for many people to ask the common question:

How long do garbanzo beans last in the fridge after cooking or hydrating? If properly stored, the cooked garbanzo beans will last for 3-5 days in the fridge. The same period is also applicable for the hydrated garbanzo beans. But, you must ensure that the cooked beans are cool before refrigerating because steam harbors bacteria and leads to spoilage. Besides, store the leftover garbanzo beans in an airtight container to prolong their shelf-life in the fridge.  

You must learn more about the garbanzo beans, storage conditions, and shelf life. So, continue reading the comprehensive guide designed for your assistance.  

How Long Do Garbanzo Beans Last in the Fridge?  

The quick answer is that garbanzo beans last for 3-5 days in the fridge. The home-cooked garbanzo beans last for 3-5 days after cooking. The cooked beans must be transferred into an airtight container and sealed properly before refrigerating to sustain their peak quality.  

The hydrated garbanzo beans will last for 3-4 days in the fridge. But, you have to drain the water before refrigerating, and the hydrated garbanzo beans must be stored in an airtight container to prevent moisture and bacteria from spoiling the beans.  

Garbanzo beans in dried form last indefinitely, and it needs no refrigeration. Besides, the canned garbanzo beans are available in brine, which helps sustain the peak quality and flavors of the beans. Once the can is open, it must be refrigerated continuously. The opened can of garbanzo beans lasts for 3-4 days in the fridge. You may store it in the brine or drain the liquid before refrigerating.  

To prolong the shelf-life of the canned garbanzo beans, you must use an airtight container and store the beans in it. Avoid storing the canned beans in the original can and use an airtight container.  

How to Store Garbanzo Beans Safely in the Fridge? 

Garbanzo beans need no special storage conditions. You can store them in the fridge to use the beans for 3-5 days extra after cooking. The leftover beans must be stored properly to keep them safe and edible for 5 days. However, there are certain requirements to store the leftover cooked garbanzo beans, which you must fulfill.

Use the below tips to store the leftover garbanzo beans safely in the fridge. 

  • Cook the garbanzo beans properly and eat them fresh. If you have leftover garbanzo beans, allow them to cool down completely before refrigerating. You must allow the beans to cool down at room temperature and don’t leave it outside the fridge for more than two hours after cooking.
  • Transfer the leftover garbanzo beans into an airtight container. You must use an airtight glass container to store the leftover beans. The airtight container must have a secure lid to prevent bacteria and moisture leakage.
  • Close the container with its lid and place the container into the fridge to use for another 3-5 days. Ensure to set the temperature of the fridge below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the ideal temperature to store leftover garbanzo beans.  

How to Tell When Your Garbanzo Beans Have Gone Bad? 

There are many ways to tell when the garbanzo beans are no longer edible. There are a couple of signs that can help you know when to discard the stored garbanzo beans. It is suggested that you must consume garbanzo beans that are freshly prepared. But, when you are about to use the refrigerated beans stored for more than 4-5 days, ensure to check the spoilage signs to avoid food poisoning. 

  • The first step is to take a whiff test. You must smell the stored garbanzo beans before consuming them. The spoiled garbanzo beans will release a sour smell, indicating that the beans have gone rancid. 
  • The second way to confirm spoilage is by checking the texture and appearance. The texture of the beans will get slimy when they start spoiling. Besides, the beans will get messy after they spoil. So, check the flavor, appearance, and texture to confirm if it is still edible or has gone bad.
  • The last way to confirm its spoilage is by checking the beans and looking for mold growth. The spoiled garbanzo beans are prone to bacterial growth, especially when stored improperly. If you see white, black, or green spots on the surface of the beans, discard them as they are no longer edible.      

Do Garbanzo Beans Expire? 

Yes, cooked garbanzo beans expire as they won’t last indefinitely like the canned beans. The dried form of the beans will keep its quality for six months when stored in cool and dry places at room temperature. The leftover cooked garbanzo beans last for 3-5 days in the fridge. However, the canned garbanzo beans can be stored indefinitely without worrying about their spoilage because the brine keeps the beans safe and edible indefinitely.   

Can You Freeze Garbanzo Beans? 

Yes, you can freeze the cooked garbanzo beans, especially if you want to use them for more than a month. Frozen garbanzo beans last for six months in the freezer. However, you have to freeze them properly in sealed freezer bags. 

How Long Cooked Garbanzo Beans Sit Outside the Fridge? 

As per USDA, you must not consume the cooked garbanzo beans sitting outside the fridge for more than two hours. Allow the garbanzo beans to cool down at room temperature and refrigerate them within two hours of cooking.  


As you know now, how long do garbanzo beans last in the fridge? You can easily hydrate and cook them in large batches to store the leftovers and use them in later meals. But, ensure to follow the prescribed ways to store the leftover garbanzo beans in the fridge to sustain their peak quality and flavor for 4-5 days.  

Besides, you must check the spoilage signs in the beans stored in the fridge for more than five days. If you see any spoilage signs in the stored garbanzo beans, don’t use them.

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