How Long do Beans Last in the Fridge? All 8 Types Answered.

Cannellini beans, pinto beans, or black beans, no matter what is your favorite choice of go-to legume, these beans are the rewarding ingredient to any healthy meal. Whether you have leftover beans from an opened can or cooked surplus beans for a meal, you would want to know how long do beans last in the fridge. 

How Long do Beans Last in the Fridge? Cooked beans last for 3-5 days in a fridge, while baked, canned beans have a 3-4 days shelf life in a fridge. However, the unopened can of baked beans lasts up to the best-by date plus 3-4 months without refrigeration.  

There is more nitty-gritty that you have to learn about the beans’ storage and shelf life in a fridge. So, continue reading to equip yourself with all basics of storage and extend the shelf-life of beans in a fridge. 


How Long do Beans Last in the Fridge? 

The cooked beans have a shorter shelf life, and it lasts for 3-5 days when refrigerated properly. Both store-bought and homemade baked beans last up to five days in a fridge when stored in an airtight container. If it is not long enough to suit your needs, you may freeze the beans for longer shelf life.  

You must allow the baked beans to cool down before refrigerating. Transfer the baked beans to an airtight container to refrigerate them properly. You must store the baked beans in the chiller to keep them chilling, preventing organic growth in the beans. 

The unopened can of baked beans has a longer shelf life that lasts for six months past its best-by date. But, it must be stored in areas away from sunlight and direct heat.  

Beans are categorized as legumes, and hence they are not vegetables as they are technically seeds. So, the shelf life of dried beans is much higher. Dried beans last indefinitely when preserved properly without refrigerating.

But, it starts losing its moisture and texture after 1-2 years. If the dried beans are older than 1-2 years, you must soak them overnight in water before cooking. Besides, the cooking time is also longer than the prescribed time. Regardless of their age, the dried beans sustain their nutritional qualities as they get old; thereby, the shelf life of dried beans is indefinite.  

How to Store Beans in a Fridge? 

The unopened can of beans or dried beans needs no refrigeration. They sit well in the dark, cool places away from direct heat sources and sunlight. The kitchen cabinet or pantry is the best place to store the dried or unopened can of baked beans.  

Once you open the can or cook the dried beans, transfer the leftovers to a fridge to preserve them for 3-5 days. Use a sealed container to refrigerate the leftover cooked beans.

You may use the original container to refrigerate or transfer the cooked beans to a food-grade airtight container to refrigerate them. Besides the basics for refrigerating the beans, you have to keep in mind a couple of things while storing them. 

  • Use clean ladles or spoons to transfer the leftover cooked beans into an airtight container.
  • Avoid double-dipping the spoon as it introduces the microbes and bacteria to the beans. It may cause the leftovers to go moldy and rancid faster.        
  • Ensure to cool down the cooked beans for two hours before refrigerating. Avoid putting the vessel into the fridge when it is hot. So, let the beans cool down properly for 1-2 hours before putting them into the fridge for proper refrigeration.   

How to Know If Beans Have Gone Bad? 

If you have an unopened can of baked beans stored for months in the pantry, look closely at the packaging. The can must be intact and look the same way you bought it first. Toss the bean immediately if you notice any leakage, rusting, or bulging in the can.  

Besides, you have to check the content and if you notice a foul smell, texture changes, or anything that is not fine, discard the unopened can of beans.  

For the leftover cooked beans sitting in the fridge for a couple of days, you have to look for the following signs of spoilage before using them. 

  • If the beans are stored in a fridge for more than five days, it is time to toss them. 
  • Secondly, you have to check the beans for discolorations and organic growths. If you notice any color change or mold growth in the beans, discard them immediately. Please note that beans cooked with bacon, meat, or sausages may accumulate fat on the surface. Please don’t confuse it with mold formation. 
  • Thirdly, you have to give the cooked beans a whiff. Smell the cooked beans and if you notice any foul or sour smell coming from the cooked beans, discard them as they are no longer edible. 
  • Lastly, you have to take a taste test. Taste the beans before reheating if your cooked beans are stored for more than five days. If you notice a sour taste coming from the beans, discard them to avoid unnecessary health issues.       

How to Make the Beans Last Longer in the Fridge? 

If you want to extend the longevity of beans, store them unwashed and dried in your pantry. For cooked or baked beans, use an airtight container to store the beans as it helps them last longer. Don’t store the beans in plastic bowls wrapped in tinfoil. An airtight container is always best because it helps beans stay fresh and last longer when refrigerated properly. 

You must not store the beans uncovered in a fridge. It will trap impurities and moistures, and it may make the leftover beans go bad faster.  

Another way to prolong the shelf life of the beans is by freezing them. Frozen beans sustain their quality for months after the user-by date. But, you must divide the beans into two containers before freezing, so avoid thawing and reheating the entire portion.  

Beans will sustain their peak quality for months even after their use-by date. When you plan to cook them, thaw the beans in the fridge overnight and evenly reheat the beans on the stovetop. You must use freezer-safe containers to freeze the beans as it helps retain the flavor and quality of the beans.  

How Long Do Cooked Beans Last in the Fridge? 

The shelf life of cooked beans is concise. It only lasts for five days in a fridge. Whether cooked or baked, beans will keep their peak quality for only five days, provided that it is refrigerated at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooked beans must be stored in an airtight container.  

Allow the cooked beans to cool down at room temperature before transferring them to the freezer-safe airtight container. Seal the container properly to ensure no air leakage is present. Don’t refrigerate the beans without a cover as it may trap moisture and bacteria, which may ruin the cooked beans. For prolonged shelf life of up to eight months, freezing is necessary for the cooked beans.

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How Long do Refried Beans Last in the Fridge? 

When refrigerated properly, refried beans sustain peak quality and flavor for three to four days. The time frame is applicable for both homemade and store-bought beans. If you want to refrigerate them in the original can, ensure to cover it with plastic or aluminum wrap.  

The canned unopened refried beans last indefinitely. After opening, it must be refrigerated consistently to sustain its peak quality. You may store it in the original container or transfer them into an airtight container to keep its peak quality flavor intact while refrigerating.

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How Long do Black Beans Last in the Fridge? 

The precise answer to this question greatly depends on the storage conditions. The refrigerated black beans have a shelf life of 3-5 days. However, you have to refrigerate it within two hours of cooking. Bring the cooked black beans to normal room temperature before refrigerating them. 

To prolong the shelf life of the black beans, you must transfer the cooked black beans to a shallow airtight container or sealable plastic bag. It helps prolong the shelf life and also prevents moisture and bacteria from leaking in to ruin the black beans.

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How Long do Baked Beans Last in the Fridge? 

The answer to this question depends on whether it is opened or sealed and the storage conditions. The unopened can of baked beans can sustain its peak quality and flavor for up to three years, provided that it is appropriately stored in cool, dark places away from heat sources. The baked bean cans come with a use-by date. But it only indicates the timeframe for its peak quality as you can use them for up to three months after the printed use-by date, provided that it is properly stored.  

After the can is opened, it must be transferred to the refrigerator, where it can sustain its peak quality and flavor for up to four days. The same is also applicable to homemade baked beans. You can safely refrigerate the baked beans for 3-4 days.

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How Long do Canned Beans Last in the Fridge? 

The unopened can of beans needs no refrigeration. It can be stored in your kitchen pantry. Ensure to store in places away from sunlight, heat sources, and moisture. It must be used within the printed use-by date for safety purposes.  

Once the can is open, you must refrigerate it consistently to keep its quality and flavor for 3-4 days. You may store the beans in the original can after opening or transfer them into a sealable airtight container. But, ensure to consume the opened can of beans within 3-4 days after opening. But don’t forget to check the spoilage signs before using them.

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How Long do Pinto Beans Last in the Fridge?   

Expect your pinto beans to stay edible and in peak quality for 3-5 days in a fridge. Properly stored pinto beans can sustain their flavor and taste for up to five days when appropriately refrigerated in an airtight container. Ensure to store the pinto beans in a fridge within two hours of cooking. 

Use a shallow airtight container or sealable plastic bags to store the cooked pinto beans. It will help enhance the shelf life and prevent bacterial growth and moisture from leaking in.

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How Long do Garbanzo Beans Last in the Fridge? 

When stored correctly in a fridge, Garbanzo Beans have a 3-4 days shelf life. After opening the can of Garbanzo Beans, you must refrigerate it continuously in the original can or an airtight container. You must use an airtight container or food-grade sealable bags to store the Garbanzo Beans. Ensure that no extra liquid is added to the container or bag before refrigerating. Remove excessive liquid before refrigerating as it helps the beans last longer and stays fresh without going bad.

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How Long do Green Beans Last in the Fridge? 

Cooked and fresh green beans keep their flavor and peak quality for 5-7 days in a fridge. The green beans can be stored un-blanched or unwashed in a fridge. You may use sealable plastic bags or airtight containers to store the green beans. It helps them stay fresh for seven days in a fridge.  

If you have already washed the green beans, ensure to remove the excess water content from the green beans before refrigerating.

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Hopefully, all basics and nitty-gritty of how long beans last in the fridge have been cleared! You can now bring home-canned beans or prepare beans at home as you know what you can do with the leftover or surplus beans you have cooked in your lunch or dinner. You can store them in a fridge and use them for up to five days, provided that it is safe and edible.   

Ensure to store the leftover beans within two hours of cooking after it has reached room temperature. It must cool down properly. Use a sealable airtight container to refrigerate the surplus beans to keep them safe and fresh for up to five days. Plus, you must always check the spoilage signs in the stored beans before using them to avoid unnecessary health complications later.

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