How Long do Refried Beans Last in the Fridge?

Refried beans are versatile, nutritious, and delicious meals. They are prepared from black or pinto beans. They are served with burritos, tacos, salads, and pizza. They are either served reheated or cold. If you love refried beans, you would probably have some refried beans stored in the fridge for a long time. Now you want to know how long do refried beans last in the fridge.  

How Long do Refried Beans Last in the Fridge? Refried beans that are properly stored can stay fresh and edible for 3-4 days. The canned refried beans must be refrigerated continuously after opening. It helps them to stay fresh and flavorsome for up to four days. The unopened canned refried beans have a shelf life of 5 years in the pantry.  

However, there is more that you must learn to prolong the shelf life of the refried beans. If you love having them in your pantry, continue reading to know the nitty-gritty of storing the refried beans. 

How Long Do Refried Beans Last in the Fridge? 

Refried beans can safely sustain their peak quality for 3-5 days in the fridge. Different factors affect the shelf life of the refried beans. It includes the fridge’s temperature, when beans are stored, and how you store them. 

However, the shelf life of refried beans is not more than five days in the fridge. You may prolong its shelf life by storing them in an airtight container at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You must ensure that the refried beans are cooked properly. Before putting them into the fridge, you must allow them to cool down at room temperature for 1-2 hours.  

The dried refried beans, like Pinto Beans, have a longer shelf life of two weeks. It can stay safe and of peak quality when stored in the fridge. However, the unopened can of refried beans lasts for five years, needing no refrigeration. You may store them in your kitchen pantry away from heat sources to prolong their shelf life.  

After opening, you have to transfer the refried beans into the fridge to keep them fresh and edible for 4-5 days. But, ensure to transfer the beans into an airtight container with a secured lid. If you want them to last longer for up to a year, prefer freezing them in a freezer.  

How to Store Refried Beans in the Fridge? 

Refried beans are easy to cook and store. If you have a large batch of cooked refried beans that you want to use in a couple of days, refrigerate them. Refrigerating the leftover refried beans can prolong their lifespan by 3-5 days. However, you have to ensure that you are refrigerating them aptly. Refrigeration is the best way to preserve the beans longer, and it even eliminates the extra work of defrosting.  

However, there are certain ways that you have to follow to refrigerate the leftover refried beans in the fridge. 

  • Never refrigerate the cooked refried beans right away in the fridge. You must give the cooked beans ample time to cool down to room temperature. Allow the leftover hot refried beans to cool down at room temperature for 1-2 hours before transferring them to an airtight container.
  • Take a large airtight container or container with a secured lid. Transfer the refried beans into the container after they are turned cool.
  • Seal the container with its lid or aluminum foil. Ensure that they don’t come in contact with air and moisture. So, tightly secure the lid, put the container in the fridge, and store them at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.      

If you have store-bought refried beans, you may refrigerate them in the original can and use them within 4-5 days of opening. The unopened can of refried beans needs no refrigeration as it lasts for five years in the kitchen pantry or up to the use-by date.  

How to Know If Refried Beans Have Gone Bad? 

The improperly stored refried beans can go bad despite being stored in the fridge at a cool temperature. It is not safe to consume poorly stored refried beans after 4-5 days. Remember that beans start to lose their quality and flavors after four days of storage in the fridge. But, until they develop any spoilage signs, they are safe for consumption. There are a couple of ways to tell when the stored refried beans have gone bad. 

  • Check the appearance of the refried beans. If you notice any liquid or moldy growth on the surface of the beans, discard them as they are no longer safe and edible. Once they go rancid, the refried beans may get gooey or slimy to touch. So, avoid consuming such refried beans.
  • Take a sniff test to check if the beans have gone rancid. You may sniff and check if the stored refried beans release a sour smell. If you notice the sour smell, discard the beans. 
  • If you notice any dents or leakage in the can of the refried beans, don’t use them.  

How Long Do Refried Beans Last at Room Temperature? 

The leftover or canned refried beans won’t last more than two hours at room temperature. After two hours, the refried beans get prone to microbial growth and spoilage. Refried beans sitting at room temperature for more than two hours must be discarded. 

What is the Right Temperature of the Fridge to Store Refried Beans? 

Bacterial growth starts quickly at a temperature between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, it is best to store the refried beans at lower temperatures or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit to sustain their freshness and flavors.  

Can You Use Refried Beans After Expiry? 

Yes, you can use the refried beans after expiry, especially if they are canned refried beans and stored properly. But, you must not consume it if you see any spoilage signs on the can. Homemade refried beans are not safe for consumption after 5 days.  

How Long do Refried Beans Last in the Fridge Summary 

Hopefully, your question “how long do refried beans last in the fridge” has been answered. Refried beans sustain their peak quality and stay fresh for 3-5 days in the fridge. Ensure to store them in an airtight container with proper seals.  

You must look for the spoilage signs before using the old refried beans stored in the fridge for more than five days.

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