How Long Does Beef Stew Last In The Fridge?

Prepared an excess of beef stew for dinner? Consider storing it in the fridge. If left at room temperature for too long, it can degrade quickly.

So How Long Does Beef Stew Last In The Fridge? The beef stew will last for 3 to 4 days when properly stored. But it’s recommended that you use the stew before the fourth day for safety purposes. You can extend the shelf life of beef stew by freezing it.

Storing beef stew in the fridge also requires proper technique. Continue reading to learn how pros refrigerate beef stew effortlessly.

Can I Store Beef Stew in The Fridge?

Not everything can be stored inside the fridge. Therefore, it’s worth asking the fundamental question of whether or not you can refrigerate beef stew.

Yes, you can store beef stew in the fridge and preserve it for later use. You can either keep it in a container or a bowl covered with a lid. But an air-tight container is always preferred and recommended.

Bacterial activity and chemical reactions stop when you store the stew in the fridge. These factors contribute to the spoilage of food items.

But the bacterial activity and reactions do not stop completely. Therefore, you can’t store beef stew in the fridge for more than four days.

How To Refrigerate Beef Stew?

Proper storage is necessary when you’re preserving beef stew in the fridge. Otherwise, there’s a risk of unwanted early putridness.

Here are the steps you need to follow to refrigerate beef stew:

Cool The Beef Stew Down To Room Temperature

You shouldn’t put a hot beef stew in the fridge. That’s because the excess heat would increase the temperature inside the refrigerator, thus affecting other products. 

So let the container sit in the open for a few hours and wait for the stew to cool down to room temperature. Cover the container with a lid to limit air exposure.

Transfer the stew to a clean jar or container

You can refrigerate the beef stew once it’s at room temperate. Take a container or jar that’s thoroughly cleaned and dried. Any contaminants can affect the shelf life and quality. Slowly transfer the entire stew into the container and seal it with an air-tight lid. 

Place the container deep inside the fridge

Now, take the container and place it deep inside the fridge. That’s where the temperature fluctuations because of the opening and closing of the door is minimal.

Constant temperature ensures longer shelf life. If you place the container near the doors, the temperature will change often.

You can take the container out and use the chilled beef stew any time you want. But use it within a few hours to avoid bacterial growth.

Can I freeze beef stew?

Refrigerating beef stew doesn’t stop the chemical reactions entirely, but freezing does.

You can freeze beef stew and keep it safe for consumption for up to six months. But the duration would depend on how you have prepared and packaged the stew.

If you’re storing beef stew in the fridge, an air-tight container is necessary. Otherwise, it could suffer from moisture loss. The volume would be less than when you stored it when you reheat. Also, exposure to air in the freezer may develop a rancid oxidative flavor.

The process of freezing beef stew remains the same as chilling in the refrigerator.

First, you need to cool it down at the room temperature level. Then, transfer the stew to a food-grade air-tight container. 

When pouring the mixture, make sure to keep 10-20% of the container empty. That’s because liquid expands when freezing. So you must account for this expansion.

Lastly, transfer the container to the freezer. You can leave it untouched for months. But make sure to maintain a constant temperature. Frequent fluctuations can shorten the shelf life.

Pro tip: Chill the beef stew overnight inside the fridge before transferring it to the freezer. It’d help maintain flavor and consistency.

How can I tell if the beef stew is bad?

Storing beef stew in the fridge doesn’t guarantee that it will last five days. Nor does storing it in the freezer guarantee months of shelf life. Beef stew can go bad inside the fridge if not stored properly.

Since stew is a liquid-based food item, there’s a high chance of mold formation. If you notice mold inside the container or on the surface, you should know that the beef stew has gone bad.

Ammonia-like odor and sour taste also indicate that the stew might not be usable anymore.

To prevent wastage, always prepare and package the beef stew appropriately. Do not keep the stew in the open for more than two to three hours. Also, make sure to use an air-tight container for storage instead of an open container.


Is it safe to consume five days old beef stew?

Beef stew remains edible for three to four days inside the fridge. But it may stay fresh for consumption on the fifth day as well. Check the color and flavor of the stew before consuming it.

How do I reheat chilled beef stew?

Before you reheat, allow the chilled beef stew to get to room temperature on its own. Then heat the stew in a microwave or oven.

How long will chicken stew stay fresh inside the fridge?

Chicken stew stays fresh for 3 to 4 days inside the fridge. Just like beef stew, you can extend the shelf life by freezing.

How long does vegetable stew last in the fridge?

Vegetable stew also has t

How Long Does Beef Stew Last In The Fridge Summary

Beef stew is versatile and goes well with a wide range of recipes. If you have an ongoing need, prepare it on a large scale at once and store it inside the fridge or the freezer. This would save both time and effort.

But beef stew will not last longer than four days inside the fridge. So use within that time frame. Consider freezing if you want to preserve the stew for months.

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