15+ Fruits That Start With L

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Fruits that Start With the Letter L

1. Longan

The longan fruit, a small round fruit about the size of a large grape, is a member of the lychee family. The longan fruit has thin skin that is a pale green or yellow color.

The longan fruit has a sweet, tangy flavor and a smooth texture. The fruit is often eaten fresh, but it can also be used in jams, jellies, and other recipes. Longan organic product is a decent wellspring of Vitamin C and different cancer prevention agents.

2. Loquat

The Loquat fruit is an attractive fruit that is often overlooked. It is a small fruit similar in size to plum, and it has a sweet and tangy flavor. The skin is a light yellow-orange, and the flesh is a light orange.

The fruit is high in Vitamin C and contains other nutrients such as potassium, dietary fiber, and Vitamin A. Loquat fruit is also a good source of antioxidants.

3. Lychee

A popular fruit in Asia, the lychee is a small, tropical fruit that is round or oval and has a reddish-brown, bumpy skin. The lychee has sweet, fragrant flesh and a hard pit in the center.

The lychee organic product is a decent wellspring of L-ascorbic acid, potassium, and dietary fiber. Lychee fruit is a popular fruit in Asia and is often eaten as a snack or used in desserts.

4. Langsat

Langsat fruit is native to Southeast Asia and is the same family as the lychee fruit. Langsat fruit is small and round and has an orange-yellow color with smooth skin.

The flesh is white and has a sweet-tart taste. Langsat fruit is high in vitamin C and other antioxidants. They are also a good source of dietary fiber.

5. Lemon aspen fruit

Lemon aspen fruit is a small, dry drupe that grows on a tree in the myrtle family. When ready, the natural product is radiant yellow and has an acrid lemon taste.

Lemon aspen fruit is edible and is consumed by humans and animals. The fruit is also used in traditional medicine. The fruit is very tart and is a popular flavoring for ice cream and other desserts.

6. Lemonade berry

Lemonade berry fruit is a small, tart fruit closely related to the lemon. It is tart and acidic in flavor and is used to make lemonade. The fruit is typically eaten fresh but can also be used in jams, jellies, and pies. Lemonade berry fruit is a good source of vitamin C and is a rich source of antioxidants. 

7. Limeberry

A refreshing and healthy treat, lime berry fruit is a great way to cool down during the summer. This exceptional natural product is a hybrid of lime and a strawberry and has a tart and sweet flavor that makes certain to please.

Limeberry fruit is a good source of fiber and vitamin C and is a refreshing alternative to sugary drinks. Limeberry is available fresh in the spring and early summer and frozen year-round.

8. Lingonberry

The Lingonberry is a fruit found in the colder climates of the world. The Lingonberry is a small, tart red berry related to cranberries and blueberries.

It is local to the boreal backwoods of North America and Europe and is financially filled in Sweden, Finland, and Russia. Lingonberries are high in antioxidants and vitamin C and make jams, jellies, syrups, and wines.

9. Little gooseberry

The Little Gooseberry is a small, round fruit that usually shades green or yellow. The fruit has a tart, acidic, and sweet flavor. It is typically eaten by squeezing the fruit to extract the juice. The Little Gooseberry fruit is rich in antioxidants and has a sour but sweet taste.

10. Lovi-lovi

Lovi-lovi fruit is a sweet and sour fruit found in the Solomon Islands. The fruit is green when it is unripe and turns a deep red when ripe. Lovi-lovi fruit is a good source of Vitamin C and has a tart flavor mixed with lemon and grapefruit. Lovi-lovi fruit is a good source of fiber and vitamin C.

11. Lúcuma

Lúcuma fruit is a type of fruit that is native to South America. It is a green to oval yellow fruit. It is a sweet fruit with a unique flavor compared to a cross between a pumpkin and a sweet potato. Lúcuma is an excellent dietary fiber, vitamin A, and potassium source. It can be eaten fresh or used in smoothies, ice creams, and other desserts.

12. Lancetilla Mango

The Lancetilla mango is a sweet, juicy fruit native to Central America. It is a small to medium-sized mango with green skin that turns yellow as it ripens. The flesh is orange, with a sweet and tart flavor.

The Lancetilla mango is a good choice for eating fresh and used in juices, smoothies, and other recipes. This fruit is an excellent dietary fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin A source.

13. Le Conte Pear

The le Conte pear is a large, round pear with sweet, juicy flesh and a slightly tart flavor. The le Conte pear is a late-season pear typically harvested in October or November.

It is a heavenly decision for those looking for a strong chomp that is low in calories and high in fiber. The Le Conte Pear Fruit is a sweet fruit eaten raw or used in recipes.

14. Laranja

Laranja fruit, also known as the orange fruit, is a type of citrus fruit widely enjoyed for its sweet and tangy flavor. Laranja fruit is a good source of Vitamin C, dietary fiber, and potassium. Laranja fruit is also a rich source of antioxidants, which help protect the body from free radicals and oxidative stress.

15. Lardizabala

Lardizabala fruits are a type of berry found in the Mediterranean region. The fruit is purple and has a tart flavor. Lardizabala is typically eaten fresh.

Lardizabala fruit is a good source of antioxidants and is also high in fiber and vitamin C. The organic product is additionally a decent wellspring of potassium and magnesium.

16. Langley Bullace Damson Plums

Langley Bullace Damson Plums Fruit is a type of plum that is dark purple. It is a small fruit that is about 2 inches in diameter. The skin is smooth, and the flesh is juicy.

The flavor is tart and acidic. This fruit is rarely found in grocery stores, but it is at farmers’ markets or specialty stores. This fruit is used in jams, pies, and other desserts. 

List of Fruits That Start With L Summary

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