27+ Fruits That Start With W

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Fruits With * Indicate That These Are Used As Vegetables Somewhere In The World.

Fruits that Start With the Letter W

1. Wampee

The Wampee fruit is a sweet and sour fruit that is grown in Asia. The Wampee fruit is used in many different dishes, including soup, salad, and dessert. The Wampee fruit is also used to make juice, wine, and candy.

2. Watermelon

Watermelon is a fruit that is composed of nearly 92% water. This high water content makes it a great choice for a snack on a hot day and also means that it is relatively low in calories. A cup of diced watermelon has only 46 calories. In addition to vitamins A, C, and B6, watermelon is a good source of potassium.

3. Water lemon*

Water lemon is a fruit that is also used as a vegetable. It is round, green, and about the size of a tennis ball. The skin is edible, but the flesh is sour. Water lemons are usually eaten cooked but can also be eaten raw.

4. Watery rose apple

The Watery rose apple is a tropical fruit that is enjoyed by many. The fruit is sweet and juicy and has a slightly tart flavor. The skin of the watery rose apple is thin, and the fruit is a vibrant pink color. The fruit is often eaten fresh but can also be used in smoothies, jams, and jellies.

5. White aspen berry

The White Aspen Berry is a small, white berry that grows on the White Aspen tree. The berries are sour but edible. The White Aspen Berry is a source of Vitamin C and has been used medicinally to treat a variety of ailments.

6. Whitebark raspberry

Whitebark raspberry is a type of raspberry that is native to North America. It grows in the mountains and is found at elevations of 4,000 to 10,000 feet.

Whitebark raspberry is a small shrub that typically grows to a height of 1 to 3 feet. Leaf length is 3 to 5 inches, with serrated edges. The flowers are white or light pink and are about 1 inch in diameter.

7. White fig

The fig is a fruit that is native to the Middle East and parts of Asia. It is a small fruit, about the size of a plum, and it has a green skin that turns brown when it is ripe.

The fig has sweet, juicy flesh that is eaten raw or cooked. There are many types of figs, including the white fig. The white fig is a very sweet fruit with a creamy texture.

8. White mulberry

The white mulberry is a small, fast-growing tree that is native to China and other parts of Asia. The leaves and fruit of the white mulberry are eaten by silkworms, which are used to produce silk.

The tree produces a sweet-tasting fruit that is eaten by people and animals. The white mulberry is also used for a variety of purposes, including food, medicine, and silk production.

9. White passion

White passion fruit, also known as white granadilla, is a type of passion fruit that is white in color. It is a tropical fruit that is grown in countries such as Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. The white passion fruit has a sweet and sour flavor and is used in juices, jams, and desserts.

10. Wild jack

The Wild Jack fruit is a large fruit that is often mistaken for a vegetable. It is the size of a rugby ball and has a thick skin that is green when unripe and turns yellow when ripe. Its flesh is white and mild in flavor. Potassium and vitamin C are present in the fruit. It can be eaten fresh or cooked.

11. Wild orange

Wild orange is a citrus fruit that is related to the orange you find in the grocery store. It is smaller and has a more sour taste. Wild orange grows on a small tree that can be found in Florida and other parts of the southeastern United States. You can eat fresh fruit or make juice, jam, or marmalade from it.

12. Wild peach

Wild peach fruits are the fruits that grow on the wild peach trees. These fruits are usually small and have a sour taste. However, they are still edible and can be eaten raw or cooked. Wild peach fruits are a good source of vitamin C and other nutrients.

13. Wild strawberry

The wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca) is a small, red, heart-shaped fruit that grows in Europe and North America. The fruit is sweet and has a slightly tart flavor. Wild strawberries are used in jams, jellies, and syrups. They are also edible fresh or dried.

14. Wolfberry

Wolfberry, also called goji berry, is the fruit of Lycium barbarum and Lycium Chinese, two species of boxthorn in the nightshade family. Wolfberry is a deep red to purple berry about 1 cm in diameter.

It is sweet and sour in taste. Wolfberry can be eaten fresh or dried. Wolfberry is a good source of vitamins A and C and minerals such as zinc and selenium.

15. Wooly jelly palm

The Wooly jelly palm is a tropical palm that is found in the rainforest. It is a small palm that grows to a height of about 10 feet. The Wooly jelly palm has a thick trunk and long leaves. The fruit of the Wooly jelly palm is edible and is eaten by animals in the rainforest.

16. Walnut

Walnuts are nuts that come from trees that grow on walnut trees. The walnut tree is a deciduous tree that can grow up to 70 feet tall. Walnuts are the best source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, and antioxidants.

There are two types of walnuts: English walnuts and California walnuts. English walnuts have a harder shell than California walnuts.

17. Wax Gourd*

The wax gourd, also known as the white pumpkin, is a type of winter squash that is prized for its edible fruits and seeds. The fruit of the wax gourd is light green to white in color and has a waxy texture.

The seeds of the wax gourd are also edible and are often roasted or boiled. It is eaten cooked and is sometimes used to make soup. The wax gourd is a winter crop and can be grown in temperate climates.

18. Wax Jambu

Wax Jambu, also known as Jamrosa, is a tropical fruit that is related to the rose apple. Unripe fruits are green, while ripe fruits are dark red. The exterior of the fruit has a waxy texture, and the interior is filled with small seeds.

Wax Jambu is high in Vitamin C and has a sweet, sour, and slightly acidic flavor. Fresh fruit, juices, smoothies, and desserts can be made with this fruit.

19. White Sapote

White Sapote is a fruit that grows in tropical climates. The fruit is green when unripe and turns yellow, orange, or brown when ripe. White Sapote tastes like a combination of banana, peach, and apricot. The fruit is high in Vitamin A, and C. White Sapote is a good source of dietary fiber.

20. Winter Melon

As a type of winter squash, winter melon is also called ash gourd. It is a large, round fruit that can grow up to 20 pounds in weight. Despite the bright green skin, the flesh is white.

Winter melon is a popular vegetable in Asia and is used in soups, stews, and stir-fries. It is also eaten raw, often with a dipping sauce.

21. Wood Apple

Wood Apple is the common name for a fruit-bearing tree found in parts of Asia and Africa. The scientific name for the wood apple tree is Feronia limonia.

The fruit of the wood apple tree is green when unripe and turns brown when ripe. The wood apple fruit is round, has a hard shell, and contains a soft, orange-colored pulp. The taste of the wood apple fruit is sour with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

22. West Indian Cherry

The West Indian Cherry, also known as the Tropical Cherry, is a fruit-bearing tree that is indigenous to the Caribbean. Small, red fruit is produced by the tree, which grows up to 30 feet tall and is tart and acidic.

It is high in antioxidants and Vitamin C. The fruit is eaten fresh or used in jams and jellies. The West Indian Cherry tree is drought tolerant and requires little maintenance.

23. Wild Lime

Wild lime (Citrus glauca) is a thorny evergreen shrub or small tree that is native to Australia and parts of Southeast Asia. The fruit of the wild lime is sour and used in jams, jellies, and sauces.

The leaves are also used in teas and as a flavoring agent. Wild lime is a hardy plant that can tolerate drought and frost. It is also resistant to pests and diseases.

24. Wild Sweetsop

The Wild Sweetsop is a custard apple. It is a fruit that is closely related to the common apple. The Wild Sweetsop is smaller than the common apple, and it has green skin. The fruit is sweet and creamy, and it is often eaten raw. The Wild Sweetsop can also be used in recipes, such as smoothies or pies.

25. Wildbacher Grape

The Wildbacher grape is a wine grape that is used to make red and rosé wines. It is a hybrid grape that is a cross between the Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt grape varieties. It is now grown in several countries, including Italy, Hungary, and Slovakia.

26. Williams Pear

The Williams pear is a type of pear that is oblong in shape and has reddish-brown skin. It is a hybrid between the Bartlett pear and the Chinese pear.

The Williams Pear is a winter pear, meaning that it is harvested in late fall or early winter. It is a sweet pear and is often eaten as a snack or used in desserts.

27. Winter Nelis Pear

The Winter Nelis Pear is a hard-to-find but delicious variety of pear that is perfect for eating fresh or in recipes. This pear is a small to medium-size fruit with green skin that can turn yellow or light brown when ripe.

The flesh of the Winter Nelis Pear is white, firm, and juicy with a sweet flavor. This variety is available from late fall through winter.

28. Worcester Pearmain

The Worcester Pearmain apple was developed in the early 1800s by Reverend Green in Worcester, England. It is a small, red apple with sweet, juicy flesh.

The skin is smooth and glossy with a reddish-orange flush. The Worcester Pearmain is a good all-purpose apple and is especially good for eating fresh.

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