19+ Foods That Start With L

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Foods That Start With the Letter L

1. Lancashire Hotpot

The Lancashire hotpot is a stew famous in the North West of England. It is made with lamb or mutton, onion, potato, and stock. The dish is slow-cooked in the oven and is often served with bread and pickled onions. The dish is high in vitamins and minerals, and it is a good source of protein.

2. Langouste

Langouste is a type of lobster. It is a crustacean that is related to shrimp and crab. Langouste is a popular seafood in France and is considered a delicacy.

Langouste can be prepared in various ways, including grilled, baked, or boiled. Langouste is a good source of many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin B12, and zinc.

3. Lardy Cake:

Lardy Cake is a popular type of food in the United Kingdom. It is a cake made with flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and spices. A Lardy cake is a little bit like a pie, but it’s more like a cake.

Afterward, a thin layer of bacon or lard is applied to the cake. Lardy cake is high in vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for keeping your eyes healthy and your skin looking good.

4. Lasagna

Lasagna is composed of several layers of wide flat pasta sheets alternated with sauces and meats. The dish is usually meat sauce, with ground meat, sausage, or beef being common ingredients.

Lasagna is high in vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for eye health and can also help keep your skin healthy.

5. Latke

Latkes are a traditional Jewish food made from shredded potatoes and onions that are then formed into a pancake-like shape and fried in oil.

Latkes are often eaten as part of a traditional Hanukkah celebration. They are usually served with sour cream or applesauce. Latkes are an excellent vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium source.

6. Lemon Cookies

Lemon cookies are tart and sweet cookies popular in the United States. They are often served at Christmas time but can be enjoyed year-round. The cookies are made with lemon juice, lemon zest, sugar, butter, and flour.

They are perfect for a summer dessert or snack. Lemon Cookies are a good source of vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin B.

7. Ling Cod

Lingcod, also known as hake, is a saltwater fish found in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It is a white fish usually fried, baked, or grilled.

Lingcod is a popular food in many countries, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The flesh of the Ling Cod is considered to be a delicacy. Lingcod is a good source of protein and vitamin B-1

8. Linguine

The pasta known as linguine is made from flour and water. It is a long, thin noodle typically served with a sauce or broth. Linguine is a popular choice for dishes like seafood linguine and chicken linguine.

Linguine can be purchased in most grocery stores, and it is also available at most Italian restaurants. Linguine is typically served with a tomato-based sauce but can also be used with other sauces, such as Alfredo sauce. Linguine is also a good source of vitamin A and vitamin C.

9. Linzer Cookies

Linzer Cookies are a type of Austrian cookie made with a tart raspberry jam and a sweet almond paste. The cookies are round and have a hole in the center, filled with raspberry jam.

Sugar is lightly sprinkled on top, and they often have a lattice design on top. They are a Christmas tradition in Austria and are often served as a dessert or snack. Linzer Cookies are high in vitamin C.

10. Lo Mein

Lo Mein is a popular noodle dish made with noodles, vegetables, and a savory sauce. It is a stir-fry with a sauce made from soy sauce, rice wine, and sesame oil. It is a quick and easy meal to prepare, and it can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Lo Mein may be served as a main course or a side dish. Lo Mein is a high-carbohydrate dish and is a good protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

11. Loaf

A loaf of bread is a type of bread made from a dough shaped into a loaf and then baked. There are many different types of loaf bread, including white bread, whole wheat bread, rye bread, and sourdough bread.

This simple, sliced bread is the perfect vessel for various toppings, from peanut butter and jelly to ham and cheese. It is a type of bread that is often used for sandwiches. Loaf bread is a source of many vitamins and minerals, including thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin B.

12. Lobster

Langouste is a luxurious seafood dish that is often considered a delicacy. This dish is made with the meat of a spiny lobster, and it is often served with a butter sauce or a hollandaise sauce. Langouste is a popular dish in France, and it is also becoming increasingly popular in the United States.

This dish is a crucial B12, vitamin D, and selenium source. In addition to magnesium, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids, it is the best source of these nutrients.

13. Lobster Risotto

There are two types of Lobster Risotto: the creamy version and a textured top. This dish is made with Arborio rice, a bowl of short-grain rice perfect for dishes like Risotto.

A broth is used for cooking the rice until it is soft, and then it is mixed with lobster meat and a simple sauce. This dish is not only delicious, but it is also high in protein and vitamin B1.

14. London Broil

London Broil is a delicious and tender steak that is perfect for grilling. This steak is made up of several different cuts of beef, including top round, flank, and skirt steak.

London Broil is a budget-friendly dish that is easy to prepare. London Broil is an excellent choice for a summer BBQ. London Broil is a good source of protein and is low in fat.

15. Lox

Lox, also known as smoked salmon, is a type of seafood often eaten on bagels. It is a cold-cut typically made from salmon that has been cured in brine then smoked.

Lox is a popular breakfast food, and it is also used in salads and other dishes. Lox is a high-quality source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It is also low in calories and sodium.

16. Legim

Legim is a type of food that is common in parts of Africa. It is made from a variety of grains, legumes, and vegetables. Legim is a nutritious and filling meal and is a popular choice for breakfast or lunch.

All legumes are high in protein and fiber, and they are a good source of iron, potassium, and magnesium. Legumes also contain antioxidants, which can help protect against cancer and heart disease. 

17. Locrio

Locrio is a traditional dish of Puerto Rico that is made with rice, beans, and pork. Avocado, plantains, and salad usually accompany the dish.

This dish is popular in the Dominican Republic and is often eaten as a main course. Locrio is a hearty, filling dish perfect for a winter meal. Locrio is a dish that is high in protein and vitamin B.

18. Longaniza

Longaniza is a type of pork sausage popular in Spain and many Latin American countries. It is made with ground pork, pork fat, salt, garlic, and spices and is usually smoked or dried.

Longaniza can be eaten fresh or cooked and is often used in stews, tacos, and enchiladas. Longaniza is also high in vitamin B6, essential for maintaining a healthy immune system.

19. Litti

Litti is a traditional food of Bihar state in India. It is made of roasted wheat flour dough filled with Sattu ( roasted gram flour) and spices. The dough is mixed with Sattu, ghee, salt, and black pepper.

The Litti is made into a ball and then roasted over coal. It is usually served with baingan bharta (mashed eggplant) and achar (pickle).

20. Locho

It is a Nepali dish made of dal (lentils), rice, and vegetables. The vegetables can vary but typically include potatoes, cauliflower, and peas. It is usually served with achar (pickles) and curd.

Locho is a healthy, filling, and affordable dish that can be enjoyed any day. Locho is an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and E and minerals like potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

List of Foods That Start With L Summary

So these are all foods starting with the letter L from our list.

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