20+ Foods That Start With Z

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Foods That Start With the Letter Z

1. Zabaione

Zabaione is a kind of treat made with eggs, sugar, and wine. It is often flavored with vanilla or cinnamon. Zabaione can be served either hot or cold. It is often eaten as a dessert, but it can also be served as a side dish.

2. Zaghloul Dates

Zaghloul dates are a type of dates that is native to Saudi Arabia. They are small, brown, and have a firm texture. Zaghloul dates are high in fiber and potassium and are a good source of vitamins A and C.

They are likewise a decent wellspring of cancer prevention agents, which can safeguard the body against illness. Zaghloul dates are available from September through January.

3. Zampone

Zampone is a type of pork sausage popular in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. It is made from a mixture of pork shoulder and pork belly, then stuffed into a pig’s bladder.

The sausage is boiled for several hours and then dried for a few days. Zampone is typically served in slices with lentils or beans.

4. Zander

Zander is a fish commonly found in the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans. It is a type of bass and typically grows to be about 18 inches long.

Zander is a popular sport fish due to its fierce fighting ability and delicious taste. The meat of the zander is white and firm, making it a good choice for many different dishes.

5. Zapallo Loche

Zapallo loche is a type of winter squash popular in South America. The fruit can be green or orange and has a thick skin and a mild, sweet flavor.

Zapallo loche is a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin A. It can be cooked in various ways, including roasting, baking, or frying.

6. Zapallo Macre

Zapallo Macre is a type of winter squash often used in South America. It is light green and has smooth skin. The tissue is orange and has a sweet, nutty flavor.

Zapallo Macre can be cooked in various ways, including roasting, baking, and steaming. It is a good source of fiber and vitamin C.

7. Zebra Tomatoes

Zebra tomatoes are a variety of tomatoes grown for their striped fruit. The tomatoes are about the size of a golf ball and have a sweet, rich flavor.

They are best eaten new, however can likewise be utilized in plates of mixed greens, sauces, or salsas. Zebra tomatoes are available from late summer through early fall.

8. Zebra Melon

The zebra melon is a type of fruit related to cucumber and watermelon. It is dark green with light green stripes, hence zebra melon.

The zebra melon has smooth skin and white, juicy flesh. It is a refreshing fruit low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals. The zebra melon can be eaten fresh or used in recipes.

9. Zeppole

Zeppole is a traditional Italian pastry that is made from a doughnut-like batter and typically deep-fried. They are most commonly filled with sweetened cream cheese, but can also be filled with other sweetened creams or jams. They can be tidied with powdered sugar, or presented with a chocolate or caramel sauce

10. Zigeuner salad

Zigeuner salad, also known as Gypsy salad, is a popular dish of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, and dressing. It might be filled in as a side dish or hors d’oeuvre. The salad is named for the Romani people, also known as gypsies.

11. Zimtsterne

Zimtsterne is a German Christmas cookie made with ground almonds, cinnamon, and sugar. They are typically formed into a star shape and then baked.

Zimtsterne is a popular Christmas treat in Germany and is often served with coffee or tea. Zimtsterne is a source of vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin that helps protect cells from damage.

12. Zinger burger

Zinger burger is a Kentucky fried chicken product that is a breaded, deep-fried chicken breast fillet seasoned with a spicy sauce. Zinger Burger is known for its “Zinger” burger, a burger spiced with a sauce made from peppers, onions, and other spices. It is a spicy sandwich, and it is a good source of protein.

13. Ziti

A specific type of pasta called ziti is popular in Italian cuisine. It is a medium-sized, tube-shaped pasta typically made from wheat flour.

Ziti can be boiled, baked, or grilled, and it is often served with a tomato or meat sauce. Ziti is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate food that is high in both niacin and vitamin B

14. Zoni

Zoni is a traditional Japanese soup made from a mixture of different types of grains, vegetables, and seafood. The soup is typically served on New Year’s Day and is thought to be a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Zoni is also a good source of fiber, which is essential for digestion.

15. Zopf

A Zopf is a bread made with yeast and is popular in Germany and Austria. It is often eaten as a breakfast food and is sometimes served with cheese or jam.

The dough is typically twisted and formed into a loaf, and the bread can be either sweet or savory. Zopf is a good source of protein, B vitamins, and minerals, making it a healthy and satisfying meal.

16. Zrazy

Zrazy is a type of food made out of ground beef, pork, or lamb. It is then rolled up and stuffed with mushrooms, onions, rice, and eggs.

After the rolls are rolled, they are breaded and fried. It is a typical dish in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. It is also the best source of vitamins and minerals, including zinc, selenium, and magnesium.

17. Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Bread is a quick bread that is often made with shredded zucchini. The zucchini is mixed into the batter, which typically results in a moister and denser bread than a typical loaf of bread.

Zucchini bread is perfect for a snack or a quick breakfast. Zucchini bread is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

18. Zuccotto

Zuccotto is a dessert that originated in Florence, Italy. It is a dome-shaped cake made with a ricotta and mascarpone cheese filling and covered in chocolate and coffee frosting. It is a simple dessert to make and perfect for a summer party. 

19. Zoodles

Zoodles are a great way to entice kids to eat their vegetables. They are made from zucchini that have been spiralized into noodles.

Zoodles can be cooked in various ways, such as boiling, steaming, or sautéing. Zoodles are a great way to get your daily serving of vegetables. Zucchini noodles are a great alternative to pasta, and they are packed with vitamins and minerals.

20. Zereshk Polo

Polo is a traditional Iranian rice dish made with saffron, barberry, chicken, and assorted spices. It is a popular dish in Iran and is usually served on special occasions.

Zereshk Polo is a traditional Polo dish that uses barberry as the principal flavoring agent. Zereshk Polo is best served warm but can also be enjoyed cold. It is a good source of Vitamin C and other antioxidants.

21. Zuppa Toscana

Zuppa Toscana is an Italian soup typically made with kale, potatoes, onion, and sausage. The soup is then typically finished with a healthy dose of Parmesan cheese.

This soup is heartwarming and delicious, perfect for a winter meal. Zuppa Toscana is easy to make and tailored to fit your tastes. It is a healthy soup that is high in vitamins A and C.

List of Foods That Start With Z Summary

So these are all foods starting with the letter Z from our list.

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