21+ Foods That Start With P

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Foods That Start With the Letter P

1. Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a popular noodle dish often found in Thai restaurants. It consists of stir-fried rice noodles with egg, tofu, bean sprouts, and preserved radish. Pad Thai is typically served with lime wedges, crushed peanuts, and a hot sauce such as sriracha.

Meat can be substituted for chicken or shrimp in pad Thai. Pad Thai is a healthy dish because it is low in calories and high in fiber. It also contains some vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B6.

2. Paella

Traditionally, Spanish food is called paella and is enjoyed around the globe. It is a mixture of rice, seafood, and vegetables cooked in a large pan. Paella can be made with chicken, pork, or beef instead of seafood. The dish can also be vegetarian by substituting vegetable broth for the seafood broth.

Paella is a healthy and nutritious meal high in fiber and protein. It is also a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin C, and magnesium.

3. Pancakes

The ingredients in pancakes include flour, milk, sugar, baking powder, eggs, and butter. They are often eaten for breakfast but can also be eaten as a dessert. Pancakes can be served with different toppings, such as syrup, fruit, ice cream, or whipped cream. Pancakes are a good source of carbohydrates and protein.

4. Pandoro

Pandoro is a cake-like dessert that originated in Verona, Italy. It is typically made with flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and yeast. Pandoro is often served during the Christmas season.

Although it is a dessert, Pandoro can also be eaten at breakfast. Pandoro is high in vitamin B12, essential for developing and maintaining red blood cells.

5. Pandowdy

Pandowdy is a type of dessert pie made out of a dough crust and filled with stewed fruit. The fruit can be mixed with a sweetener, such as sugar, or left unsweetened.

Additional ingredients can also be added to the filling, such as spices, nuts, or whipped cream. Pandowdy pies are usually baked in a deep dish and served warm or cold.

6. Panettone

Panettone is a type of sweet bread, typically eaten around Christmas. It is popular in Italy, where it originates, but is also enjoyed in other parts of the world.

The bread is made with flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and yeast. It is often flavored with raisins, candied orange peel, and almonds. Panettone is a good source of vitamin food.

7. Paska

Paska, a traditional Easter bread, is a sweet, fluffy loaf often served with butter and jam. The dough is made with eggs, milk, sugar, butter, and flour. It can be decorated with sprinkles or frosting. Paska is a popular Easter food in many countries.

Paska is high in calories and contains several vitamins and minerals, including thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

8. Pasta

The main ingredients in pasta are flour and water. It is often made into different shapes, such as tubes, spirals, or shells. Pasta can be boiled in water, or it can be baked in an oven. It can also be cooked in a sauce, like a tomato sauce.

Pasta is a popular food item all over the world. Pasta is also a good source of vitamins and minerals. Some of the critical nutrients in pasta include thiamin, niacin, folate, and magnesium.

9. Pasties

Pasties are a type of food usually made from meat and vegetables. They are then wrapped in pastry dough and baked. Pasties are famous in the United Kingdom and are often served as snacks or meals.

Pasties are also high in vitamins and minerals, making them a healthy choice for people who want to eat something nutritious.

10. Pastry

Pastry food is a type of food made with flour, sugar, fat, eggs, and water. The ingredients are mixed to create a dough, then rolled out and shaped into different pastries.

The most common types of pastry food are pies, tarts, and cookies. Pastry food is often served with a sweet filling or icing, and it can be enjoyed as a dessert or snack.

11. Patty

Patty food is a type of food made up of small patties. These patties can be made from various types of foods, including meats, vegetables, and grains. Patty food is a popular type of food in many countries, and it can be prepared in a variety of different ways.

Patty food vitamin is also rich in antioxidants, which help to protect the body from damage caused by harmful free radicals.

12. Pekin Duck

This is the most common domesticated duck in the United States and is considered a delicacy in some areas. The Pekin Duck is a white bird with a long, slender neck. It is a good choice for a food dish because it is low in fat and mild flavor. They are used for food but can also be used for pets.

13. Penne

Cylindrical pasta is known as penne. The world has many kinds of pasta. Penne can be served with various sauces, including tomato, Alfredo, and pesto. It can also be used in dishes such as macaroni and cheese.

Penne is generally made from wheat flour, water, and eggs. Penne pasta is a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin B6.

14. Perogies

Perogies are a type of food that is made from dough that is filled with cheese and potatoes. They are often eaten in Eastern Europe, but they are also becoming popular in other parts of the world.

Perogies can be boiled, fried, or baked, and they can be served with various toppings, such as sour cream, bacon, or sauerkraut.

15. Picadillo

Picadas are Cuban dishes made from ground beef, tomatoes, raisins, and olives. It is usually served with white rice. Picadillo is a great dish to make for a family dinner because it is easy to prepare, and everyone will enjoy it. Picadillo is a good source of protein, vitamin C, and iron and can be made with ground beef or turkey.

16. Pies

Pies are foods made of a pastry shell filled with various meats, fruits, vegetables, or cheeses. The pastry shell can be either a crust or a dough. The filling can also be either cooked or uncooked.

Pies are often served as a main course or as a dessert. Pie is a good source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for the immune system. It helps the body fight off infections.

17. Pita

Pita is a type of Middle Eastern flatbread popular in many countries. It is made from wheat flour, water, salt, and yeast and can be either leavened or unleavened.

Pita bread is often eaten as a sandwich wrap and can be filled with various items such as meats, vegetables, and cheeses. Pita is also famous for dipping bread and can scoop up sauces or dips.

18. Pizza

Pizza is a food that is popular all over the world. It is made of bread dough, topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and various toppings. Pizza is available in many varieties, including pepperoni pizza, sausage pizza, and veggie pizza.

Pizza is usually eaten as a snack or a main course. Pizza is a food that is high in calories and fat. It is also a food that is high in sodium. Pizza is the best source of vitamin C and B6.

19. Pollock

Pollock is a type of whitefish that inhabits the cold waters of the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans. It has a mild flavor, a slightly sweet taste, and a firm texture.

Pollock is a good source of protein, vitamin B-12, and selenium. You can prepare it in various ways, and it does not contain saturated fat or cholesterol.

20. Popover

Popovers are savory pastry made from egg batter that is poured into a popover pan or muffin tin and baked in the oven. The resulting pastry is hollow inside and has a crispy outer crust. Popovers can be filled with various fillings, such as cheese, ham, or vegetables.

Popovers are an excellent vitamin B12, which is essential for maintaining energy levels and preventing anemia. They are also the best source of riboflavin, niacin, and folate.

21. Porterhouse

Porterhouse is a type of food made up of different kinds of meat. The most common meats used in porterhouse are beef and pork. However, it can also include lamb, mutton, venison, and other game meats.

Porterhouse is usually served as a steak, and it is considered a very high-quality cut of meat. Porterhouse food vitamin is also essential for the body’s ability to fight infection.

22. Prawns

Prawns are a type of shellfish that belong to the crustacean family. They are related to crabs, lobsters, and shrimp. Prawns are a popular seafood item and are often used in shrimp scampi, shrimp gumbo, and shrimp etouffee.

They are also popular in salads and as appetizers. Prawns can be cooked in various ways, including frying, grilling, boiling, and baking. They are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, beneficial for heart health.

List of Foods That Start With P Summary

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